Pitching to Employees

Written by Robert F. Abbott

The senior flight attendant onrepparttar WestJet flight was startingrepparttar 140192 routine safety talk:repparttar 140193 bit about flotation vests and emergency exits that we ignore atrepparttar 140194 beginning of every flight.

“If we could have your attention, please, we would appreciate it - in fact we’d be downright shocked,” she said. The passengers andrepparttar 140195 rest ofrepparttar 140196 crew laughed along with her and then, having captured our attention, she went on with her instructions.

That event, on my second flight withrepparttar 140197 airline, may have beenrepparttar 140198 point when I became a fan of this upstart, discount carrier. The flight attendant’s small joke was just one of many good-spirited remarks I heard from station staff and cabin crews.

Guess what? I like travelling with people who enjoy their work. And that point is made, too, by Lance Secretan in an IndustryWeek article (May 15, 2000) that argues employees should be treated as well as customers.

Using Southwest Airlines as his example (and WestJet modeled itself on Southwest), Secretan says management needs to putrepparttar 140199 same commitment and resources into internal marketing to employees that it puts into external marketing to customers.

That’s not an unreasonable idea, considering that companies sometimes have to fight harder to get and keep good employees than to get and keep customers. Put another way, can you serve customers well if you don’t have good employees? And, don’t forgetrepparttar 140200 maxim that employees treat customers like they’re treated by management.

So, if we were going to build an internal marketing program for employees, where would we start? What would we do? How would we do it?

Your Ultimate Leadership Feedback Loop: Their Leadership

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: Leaders need feedback to thrive. If they don't constantly evaluate how they are doing as leaders, they face repeated failure. Here is one important feedback mechanism that most leaders ignore.

Your Ultimate Leadership Feedback Loop: Their Leadership by Brent Filson

Life on our planet flourishes through feedback. If life forms don't develop feedback loops and get good information about how well they are interacting with their world,repparttar 140060 world eventually kills them.

This holds true with leaders. Leaders must get feedback as to how they're doing -- otherwise they won't be leaders for long.

One kind of feedback is results. After all, leaders do nothing more important than get results. You should understandrepparttar 140061 kinds of results you're getting, if they arerepparttar 140062 right results, and if you are getting them inrepparttar 140063 right ways.

There is another kind of measurement that is as important, and sometimes more important, than results. It's a measurement most leaders overlook. That measurement has to do not with you but withrepparttar 140064 people you're leading.

To explain what that measurement is, I'll first describe a fundamental concept of how one goes about leading people to achieve results.

There's a crucial difference between doing a task and taking leadership of that task that makes a world of difference inrepparttar 140065 task's accomplishment.

For instance, if one is a floor sweeper, doesn't one best accomplish one's task not simply by doing floor sweeping but by taking leadership of floor sweeping?

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