Pillow Menus at Hotel Preston, Nashville

Written by Jay Tradler

Pillow Menus at Hotel Preston, Nashville

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These days it seems as ifrepparttar comforts of home are not achievable onrepparttar 139224 road. Most hotels are cold, and utilitarian, but there are exceptions. Hotel Preton is a new hotel (opened just over a year) with fresh ideas and concepts and it is allrepparttar 139225 rage in Music City USA. Hotel Preston, a convenient two mile jaunt fromrepparttar 139226 Nashville International Airport, boasts 196 large guest rooms and are priced at reasonable rates starting at around US$86/night.

Like other hotels, it does sport a full service restaurant and lounge with live entertainment. There's a clean outdoor pool, a well equipped 24 hour fitness center, business center, banquet facilities, meeting rooms and even a spa service provided inrepparttar 139227 privacy of your room if you’d like.

Here's where it becomes a little more specialized . . .

Once you've chosen your room, you're offered a pillow menu. Yes, a pillow menu, outfitted with a plethora of pillows all featuring different textures and fillings forrepparttar 139228 most discriminating 'pillow connoisseur'. Couple this little touch withrepparttar 139229 stock pillow top bed, soft and comfortable duvet, divine sheets, and you're in for a night of sleep that rivals anything you might experience in your own bed!

The personal programming for comfort does not end there. Feel like adding an 'Austin Powers' aura to your room? Add a lava lamp. That's right, order one up, and it will be delivered to your room; pronto!

Missing your pet at home? Call down for a live beta fish to take care of during your stay. Not very snuggly, but a pet allrepparttar 139230 same.


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