Picking and Choosing Your Dreams

Written by Joi Sigers

Experts believe you can actually "program" your mind to dream what you want it to.

This could be a sanity-preserver for those suffering from recurring nightmares. With practice, such a person could easily endrepparttar ugly cycle.

However, you don't have to be experiencing nightmares to benefit. Anyone could use this "programming" to their benefit, even if it's purely for amusement's sake. Possiblyrepparttar 138524 best scenario would berepparttar 138525 person with a dilemna of some sort in his life.

Let's say a young college student, Joe, is feeling overwhelmed by school and work. He uses this technique to make himself dream about his situation. In his dream, he brilliantly handles his time management problems with flair. He awakens, renewed, with a few ideas in mind, and voila!, he makesrepparttar 138526 Dean's List, gets a promotion and buys a yellow Hummer. Okay, Joe and I got ahead of ourselves, but you getrepparttar 138527 idea.

It's Okay to Be Negative Sometimes!

Written by Dina Giolitto

Lately, I've been hearing that it's not okay to have negative thoughts.

There's been a lot of talk about motivation, inspiration, positive energy channeling and such. Have you heardrepparttar messages ofrepparttar 138450 spiritually enlightened? I have! And frankly... I am a little weirded out.

We're being constantly told to open our minds... do everything, try everything, accept everything and everyone. But at what point does all this intense positivity cross over into a world without reason? At what point do we become blinded by our own faith?

Let's get one thing straight right here: being a positive thinker and spreading positivity does NOT mean you're supposed to just go along with what everyone else says.

Let's pretend that a friend has suggested that you attend a four-day seminar on self-improvement. At this seminar, you'll get to sit in a hard wooden chair for thirteen hours a day, in a room with 400 other people like yourself. You'll get minimal food and bathroom breaks, and you'll be spoon-fed motivational speeches by qualified experts who will guide you onrepparttar 138451 path to self-enlightenment.

I guess if you were to subscribe torepparttar 138452 new age positive thought revolution, you'd have no choice but to say "YES! That sounds great! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?" But if you're like me,repparttar 138453 realist in you will always ask, "WHY? Why would I want to do that?"

When wasrepparttar 138454 last time YOU asked why?

Was it when you were just a wee tot with a free-thinking, curious spirit? You were pretty positive back then, and yet you still hadrepparttar 138455 good sense to question.

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