Picking The Perfect Christmas Gift

Written by Alan Tutt

Picking The Perfect Christmas Gift by Alan Tutt http://www.KeysToPower.com

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year! With so many colored lights, sparkling tinsel, and pretty packages, it seems as thoughrepparttar world has magically transformed into a glittering paradise. It's also a great time of year because everyone wants to showrepparttar 122197 special people in their lives how much they are appreciated.

But have you ever sat down to think about what gifts to get that special someone in your life, and came up empty? Have you ever asked yourselfrepparttar 122198 question, "What should I get for this person?" and realized that you really didn't know what would make a good gift? It seems that every year I hear at least a couple of people mention that they are in this quandary.

There are two basic principles that I use in choosing gifts, and using these principles has always guaranteed a great gift.

The first principle is that I focus on what that person enjoys, and what challenges they have been facing. If I know that my special person enjoys going to movies as soon as they are released, then I know that movie passes will make a great gift. If my special person enjoys golf, then something related to that sport will usually be most welcome.

Byrepparttar 122199 same token, if I know that this person has been trying to do something with meager tools, then a gift of a better (or more specialized) tool will berepparttar 122200 chosen gift. This doesn't have to be an expensive tool, justrepparttar 122201 right one. Maybe they need a basic set of handyman's tools, or maybe a glue gun for crafting.

Also on this same line of thinking would berepparttar 122202 situation thatrepparttar 122203 person you're shopping for has trouble inrepparttar 122204 winter with dry heated air. A humidifier (or even a vaporizer) would be received with shouts of joy. Maybe they have trouble with allergies inrepparttar 122205 summer. An indoor air purifier (many are less than $50) could berepparttar 122206 best gift you could give.

And if that special person in your life is just floating aimlessly through life without a sense of direction or purpose,repparttar 122207 best gift could berepparttar 122208 gift of motivation or wisdom. Books are great gifts, especially if you know whatrepparttar 122209 receiver is trying to do with their life (or would like to do with their life if they knew how). Alongrepparttar 122210 same line are recordings, self-development courses, and videos.

Power Breathing

Written by Alan Tutt

Power Breathing by Alan Tutt http://www.KeysToPower.com

How would you like a technique that will increase your mental and physical performance? Withrepparttar technique I am about to share with you, you will be able to clear your mind, increase your intelligence, restore your energy, and increase your physical strength. This is also a technique that you can use any time, anywhere you happen to be, without drawing attention to yourself.

I'm talking about 'Power Breathing'. The fundamental concept behind Power Breathing is very old, so it's possible that you've seen a variation of it in other places. One thing that I've found is that some descriptions ofrepparttar 122196 process are so vague or misleading that you end up doing it wrong and get none ofrepparttar 122197 benefits that Power Breathing can give you.

In Power Breathing, you hold an image in your mind while breathing slightly different from normal. Let's coverrepparttar 122198 mechanics of Power Breathing first, since that isrepparttar 122199 simplest component ofrepparttar 122200 technique. In normal breathing, you usually use only about 1/3 ofrepparttar 122201 capacity of your lungs. During exercise or other physical exertion, you will use more of your lung capacity, but you breath faster to get more oxygen to your muscles. In Power Breathing, you want to breath deeply, but slowly.

One way to controlrepparttar 122202 tempo is to count. Breath in for a count of 5, then hold it for a count of 3. Breath out for a count of 7, then hold it for a count of 3. When holding, don't close your throat as this will create unnecessary tension. Userepparttar 122203 same muscle you use to breath in and out, but hold it in place. Just pauserepparttar 122204 in and out motion of air. Try it now and getrepparttar 122205 feeling ofrepparttar 122206 tempo. Practice it several times until it feels natural and easy.

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