Photo Resolution

Written by Michelle Tremolada

Adobe Photoshop CS is one ofrepparttar best photo editing software programs available. With Photoshop CS you can convertrepparttar 146230 photo resolution of any photo, adjust color modes (CMYK and RGB), and convert from JPEG to TIFF format quickly and easily.

You can become an expert on converting, resizing, compressing and optimizing your photo resolution for eitherrepparttar 146231 printer orrepparttar 146232 web. Just imagine being able to edit your photo resolution and make them look sharper, clearer and more professional.

Photo Resolution isrepparttar 146233 single most important subject you must learn about so that you can prepare your photos correctly for either printing orrepparttar 146234 web. Without correct photo resolution, your photos will print blurry or even worse, unrecognizable.

Photographers Worldwide Unite to form their own Royalty Free Stock Photography Library

Written by Neil J Bradford

United Independent Photographers from aroundrepparttar world unite to form an affordable Royalty Free and Rights Managed Stock Photography Library.

At last, a stock photos library offeringrepparttar 145733 highest quality stock photography royalty free stock photos, rights managed stock photos at one flat rate, low price andrepparttar 145734 actual artist receiving allrepparttar 145735 payment... No agency commission!

Beginning with a royalty free stock photography photo library called back in 2002, you may guess correctly that it was focussed (no pun intended, honest!) on flowers, plants and tree with some really high quality close-ups that made me feel as though I was entering another world.

Asrepparttar 145736 art director, graphic designer and website designer of a garden centre, garden center to our American cousins, which wasrepparttar 145737 flag ship of our group and our group belonging torepparttar 145738 UK's largest chain of independent garden centres, I was inrepparttar 145739 perfect location to photograph flowers, plants, shrubs and trees at repparttar 145740 drop of a hat.

The website really took off, paying for its self,repparttar 145741 film and processing including scans from Fuji Labs UK and then began making a profit. Not a huge profit but enough to plough back in and expandrepparttar 145742 library.

I was contacted from a number of horticultural photographers overrepparttar 145743 first few years but declined their portfolios as I simply didn't haverepparttar 145744 time to manage a team of photographers and their work.

Overrepparttar 145745 years however, I couldn't ignore some ofrepparttar 145746 quality of work being submitted and it wasn't just flower photography, it was every theme imagineable.

In 2004, with many of my own photographs, allrepparttar 145747 photos from andrepparttar 145748 sister site I launched an all subject royalty free and rights managed stock photography website and image library called: or with 6 other photographers from aroundrepparttar 145749 world contributing a wide spectrum of themes from food photos and cuisine to motorbikes to landscapes and seascapes... it grew and grew and now in June 2005, there are 20,000 photos up onrepparttar 145750 site and that's only a small percentage of what I still have waiting to be sent up with more being submitted every week!

I andrepparttar 145751 library don't take a penny or any commission from sales. The payments go directly torepparttar 145752 photographer, I get a larger viewership as there's more to see and hopefully broaden my chances of actually selling some of my own photos!

I was sick of paying $200 for an image from stock photo libraries and then as I went through repparttar 145753 online form and entering whererepparttar 145754 image was to be used and how many issues were to be printed,repparttar 145755 price soar to $1,500 or more!

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