Philbert & Lenny the Redneck Experts of write an Article

Written by Philbert & Lenny

Philbert & Lennyrepparttar Redneck Experts of write an Article.

Our Redneck SEO Experts are working on their back links. They decide that an article isrepparttar 143814 way to go to generate links to their client’s web site. Let’s listen in as Philbert & Lennyrepparttar 143815 Southern Humorous SEO Experts attempt their Article.

Philbert: Articles are a great way to create back links. Lenny: Yea they are. What’s our topic? Philbert: Well we need to start onrepparttar 143816 website so let’s write about that. Lenny: Sounds good to me Philbert: First we need to make sure we haverepparttar 143817 right html tags forrepparttar 143818 author bio section. Lenny: I gotrepparttar 143819 4 dummies book right here. I will chyper it for you. Philbert: Good, Good. Lenny: What should berepparttar 143820 title. It should be keyword rich. Philbert: What’s money got to do withrepparttar 143821 title, you Goob! Lenny: I mean Keywords that will make people come torepparttar 143822 website. Philbert: Oh, won’t they just come because we are SEO Redneck Experts? Lenny: Well Yea, of course, but it never hurts to use a Keyword inrepparttar 143823 right place. Philbert: Ok brainstorm on keyword time, ready? Lenny: “Hunting, Fishing, Beer, Hound dogs,” Philbert: “Coffee, cigarettes, Nascar, Jr, 3, Free bird”

SEO Training - Avoid making this costly mistake!

Written by Joe Duchesne

SEO training can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of factors that go into search engine ranking on today's major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. When designing a web site or a web page for high search engine ranking,avoid making this one mistake that alone could prevent you from achieving a top ten ranking on your target keywords. What is this one costly mistake? Read on to find out.

Build your site on a good foundation

Your web site structure isrepparttar foundation to high search engine ranking. If you build your website withrepparttar 143675 wrong structure, anything else you do to promote your web site will be crippled fromrepparttar 143676 start. The most costly mistake you could do to cripple your SEO efforts is to build your web site using frames.

Using Frames makes your job so much harder

Using frames on your site makes it much more difficult to achieve high search engine ranking. Does it make it impossible? No, but it does make it much more difficult. With allrepparttar 143677 competition already our there for achieving high search engine rankings on competitive keywords, why would you want to make your work harder than it has to be?

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