Pets get diabetes too

Written by Nick Carmichael

Just like humans pets can suffer from diabetes mellitus too. By a simple blood test, called fructosamine, thay can be diagnosed, and then underrepparttar care of your veterinary surgeon, often treated succesfully.

Fructosamines are stable complexes of carbohydrates and proteins that are produced by an irreversible, nonenzymatic glycosylation of serum proteins. Fructosamine (glycated serum protein) measurements are useful in diagnosing and monitoring diabetes mellitus in both cats and dogs. The test is highly sensitive and can be used to distinguish non-diabetic transiently hyperglycaemic cats from diabetics with chronic hyperglycaemia. A single measurement of fructosamine indicatesrepparttar 125852 average glucose concentration overrepparttar 125853 previous 1-3 weeks

Kids and Pets, will it work?

Written by Mariangie González

How can my child benefit from having a pet? 1. Social skills and self-esteem. Feelings and positive experiences with their pet can help children feel good about their own. Loving a pet can also help kids to love and trust other people. 2. Exercise. All pets need to exercise, and playing with their pet is a fun way to incorporate some physical activity to your kid’s lifestyle. 3. Responsibility and respect. To learn how to take care of their pet can help kids develop empathy, concern and responsibility towards other beings. On top of that, duringrepparttar life cycle ofrepparttar 125851 pet, parents haverepparttar 125852 opportunity to talk to their kids about birth, sickness and death. 4. Parent interaction. Kids and their parents can spend more time together playing and taking care of their pet.

How can my child help take care ofrepparttar 125853 pet? 1. A small child can help out by feeding or providing fresh water to their pet (portions must be measured by you). 2. The child can help walkingrepparttar 125854 pet, not alone of course, but just another time to spend together with your kid. 3. Children can help you in bathing and groomingrepparttar 125855 pet. 4. Assign to your child small, simple tasks that can be performed under your supervision.

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