Pet Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Written by Pet Friendly Canada

'Tisrepparttar season for friends and family, eggnog and other treats, and good times! During this busy time it can be a challenge to juggle everything that needs to be done -- including caring for your four-legged friends. Here are a few tips to help keep your furry friends safe forrepparttar 125547 holidays:

__No Chocolate, Please

Although Fido and Fluffy may be attracted torepparttar 125548 smell and taste of chocolate, in sufficient quantities, chocolate can make her very sick. The result? Vomiting, diarrhea, and a lovely holiday spent atrepparttar 125549 emergency vet clinic.

Be sure to store chocolate well away from pets. Open counters or ledges are not good places -- some dogs may 'counter-surf', and cats easily reach counters (what's worse, they can knock chocolate offrepparttar 125550 countertop and straight intorepparttar 125551 path of enthusiastic dogs!).

__Tinsel's Pretty, But...

Although it's a popular decoration for trees, it can pose a danger if your pet swallows it. It's possible for it to cause an intestinal blockage -- and again, no one (least of all your pet!) wants to spendrepparttar 125552 holidays undergoing surgery!

How We Define Our Relationships?

Written by Joseph Ghabi

How We Define Our Relationships?

We can fall intorepparttar habit of complaining about our relationships, but do we really takerepparttar 125546 time to evaluate them? Maybe not, because well, we’re always right! He or she never listens to ME or does thingsrepparttar 125547 way I think is right (the human EGO speaking loudly here!).

First of all, we need to understand one thing – that we do not live in our parents or grandparents’ time. The "souls" of our generation are here to acquire as much life experience as possible in this one lifetime. What do I mean by this? When my soul decided to come back and integrate into this body,repparttar 125548 temple of my soul, I educated myself in spirit and prepared (in theory) for allrepparttar 125549 experiences I would have in this lifetime. I decided to come back to understand these experiences by having to understandrepparttar 125550 human emotions –repparttar 125551 anger,repparttar 125552 crying and all ofrepparttar 125553 other human frustrations – that went withrepparttar 125554 experience. But in reality, this is an experience for my soul knowledge, for my forever soul evolution. Once this experience is finished, everything from that experience needs to be completed without leaving any residue of emotions, and then will berepparttar 125555 time to prepare for a new venture.

As humans, we rarely complete a relationship properly; often we hope that one day it might work out. Personally, I believe that once an experience is not working inrepparttar 125556 first place, it will not work later. Unless BOTH, and I really mean BOTH parties are ready to give up their differences, our old patterns from that relationship, along withrepparttar 125557 help of our sub-conscious, will bringrepparttar 125558 same familiar events back into our life. Remember, even if we meet our soul mate, unless both soul mates are ready for each other,repparttar 125559 relationship will never work.

It’s important that we learn to cut our emotions after every experience in order to make proper room forrepparttar 125560 next one. Once we leave a relationship, we cannot expectrepparttar 125561 new one to berepparttar 125562 same. This just does not make sense! Things eventually evolve if you properly cut your emotional links withrepparttar 125563 previous relationship, and you accept change into your life. In reality our soul will never allow us to go backward in our life except when our human mind decides we want to stick around and haverepparttar 125564 same type of relationship again. Then we are falling back into our old pattern. Look at your relationships and see if there is a pattern that you keep running into, then accept this and, without any blame to yourself orrepparttar 125565 other people involved, just feel blessed about what you learned and accomplished and wishrepparttar 125566 best for all people involved – because what goes around comes around, multiplied!

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