Pet Loss: Should You Clone Your Cat?

Written by Gary Nugent

Clone a Cat, Go To Jail

...or at least pay a fine. That'srepparttar goal of animal welfare activists who announced recently that they are seeking state and federal restrictions onrepparttar 150053 small but growing pet-cloning industry.

The effort has been spearheaded byrepparttar 150054 American Anti-Vivisection Society [AAVS] (in suburban Philadelphia), and takes aim at companies such as Genetic Savings and Clone Inc.,repparttar 150055 California company that began to fill orders for cloned cats last year. The clones - which have sold for $50,000 each - are genetic duplicates of a customer's deceased pet and representrepparttar 150056 leading edge of an emerging sector that advocates predict could eventually reap billions of dollars for corporate cloners. The movie,repparttar 150057 6th Day , starringrepparttar 150058 erstwhile governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, features pet cloning businesses in a shopping mall during its opening sequences. It may soon berepparttar 150059 case that life imitates art in this respect and pet cloning franchises may start popping up in common shopping venues. But not ifrepparttar 150060 AAVS have their way.

Should Cloning Be Allowed?

Several companies are racing to compete with Genetic Savings and Clone,repparttar 150061 current industry leader, which has produced about a half-dozen cloned cats and aims to achieverepparttar 150062 more difficult goal of cloning a dog this year. Some companies are already selling fish genetically engineered to glow inrepparttar 150063 dark, while one has said it will soon produce cats engineered to not cause reactions in people allergic to them.

The AAVS petitionedrepparttar 150064 Department of Agriculture to regulate pet-cloning companies as it does other animal research labs underrepparttar 150065 Animal Welfare Act. The act demands minimum standards of animal care and detailed reporting ofrepparttar 150066 fates of laboratory animals. They have also been working with a California lawmaker to introduce state legislation that would banrepparttar 150067 sale of cloned or genetically engineered pets.

Are Grieving Pet Owners Being Taken Advantage Of?

"Pet cloning companies offer false hope of never having to let go of a pet and are causing harm to animals inrepparttar 150068 process,"repparttar 150069 AAVS concluded in a report, "Pet Cloning: Separating Facts From Fluff."

Managers of Genetics Savings and Clone denied emphatically that their enterprise takes advantage of grieving pet owners or harms animals. "We bend over backwards to make sure people are doing this forrepparttar 150070 right reasons," said company president Lou Hawthorne. Nonetheless, he said, "we're open to additional oversight, provided it makes sense."

The Risks Involved For Cloned Animals

Previously cloned animals have suffered high rates of biological abnormalities and unexpected deaths during gestation and inrepparttar 150071 first days of life. Hawthorne said that has not beenrepparttar 150072 case with cats. But critics saidrepparttar 150073 process raises other concerns, includingrepparttar 150074 welfare of egg donor and surrogate-mother animals that must undergo multiple surgeries as part ofrepparttar 150075 process of making clones.

Dog Health Advice: Fur Not Good Sunscreen

Written by Joel Walsh

You might thinkrepparttar most important bit of dog health advice would be to let your furry loved one spend all day enjoyingrepparttar 150029 outdoors. But you'd only be half-right.

You know we must protect our children and ourselves fromrepparttar 150030 sun. But do you know that leading canine health experts now say thatrepparttar 150031 most important dog health advice they can give is to protect your dog fromrepparttar 150032 sun, too?

Dog Health Advice: Identifying Dog Sunburn

Like we humans, dogs need sunlight to help balance their bodies’ levels of calcium with their metabolism.

Yet too much ultraviolet radiation can irritate our dogs’ skin as it does our own, causing sunburn.

Dog sunburn begins as redness and hair loss.

Where sunburn first appears:

• bridge ofrepparttar 150033 nose • tips ofrepparttar 150034 ears • belly

Dog Sunburn Dangers

• aggravates any existing skin problems • skin ulcers (sores) • infection • cancer

Sunburn and Dog Breed

• Pale and short-hair dogs are particularly prone to sunburn, usually onrepparttar 150035 nose, abdomen, groin, and inside ofrepparttar 150036 legs. Being close torepparttar 150037 ground, they not only are affected byrepparttar 150038 downward sunlight, but also by sun reflecting up from pavement or hot sand.

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