Pet Healthcare

Written by Mark Woodcock

Cat and dog fleas are more than just an itchy nuisance, fleas are a health hazard to animals and humans alike. Fleas carry diseases, Anemia, dermatitis and harmful parasites, like tapeworms, are just a few to name. It's not only kind but important to keep pets fleafree. Fortunately it's a relative simple procedure to keep your pets free of fleas and their associated diseases by using effective Flea Control products namely:

Advantage for both Cats and Dogs, active ingredient (imidacloprid), this is a topical product which is placed directly ontorepparttar animals skin which will prevent and kill fleas.

Frontline for both Cats and Dogs, active ingredient (fipronil), again a topical product and like Advantage is placed directly onto your pets skin to prevent and kill fleas.

Program for both Cats and Dogs, active ingredient (lufenuron), unlike Advantage and Frontline, this Flea Control treatment is administered orally and inhibitsrepparttar 140689 development ofrepparttar 140690 flea.

Another Flea Control methods which should be done, inrepparttar 140691 war against fleas and in conjunction withrepparttar 140692 above effective Flea Control products are, using a flea comb with tightly spaced teeth. By combing your pet every day, especially duringrepparttar 140693 flea season (March through October or year-round in hotter climes). Whilst combing always be onrepparttar 140694 look out for flea dirt, gritty black specks, which is actually flea feaces, a sure sign that fleas have infested.

Pet Drug Patches

Written by Mark Woodcock

The use of transdermal patches within human medicine is very popular for people who may want to quit smoking, relieve pain and even to replace hormones. Can these drug patches work for our pets?

Transdermal drugs for animals are very similar to those used for humans. In some cases like fentanyl,repparttar pain killer, it is identical. The drug is administered throughrepparttar 140688 patch which is applied to a saved area of your pets skin, thus enablingrepparttar 140689 drug to reachrepparttar 140690 bloodstream acrossrepparttar 140691 skin (transdermally). Not all drugs used transdermally are available in patch form, some drugs are compounded by pharmacists into a gel which is applied to your pets skin, usuallyrepparttar 140692 undersied ofrepparttar 140693 ear flap. The fentanyl patch, use mainly in humans, has been used on dogs, cats and horses inrepparttar 140694 use of pain control management.

In general drugs which are given transdermally enterrepparttar 140695 bloodstream much slower than using other routes, such as orally or by injection, therefore using patches would not work for drugs that are needed immediately. These drugs tend only to be used when the

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