Personnel Security: What Is Your Security Posture?

Written by Felix P. Nater

1. The Security Consultant’s Perspective…

With Workplace Violence becoming an emerging concern,repparttar employee dimension becomes a critical factor in conducting Vulnerability Threat Assessments against capabilities and weaknesses, similar torepparttar 134961 way we conduct a business SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). I wonder how much thought a disgruntled employee, angry customer, an armed robber or a specific act of terrorism, has given to repparttar 134962 real business threat of a violent act. Within each business or type of employment, there exists an intriguing combination of potential threats torepparttar 134963 safety and security ofrepparttar 134964 workplace. If you recall in recent incidents overrepparttar 134965 past month onrepparttar 134966 topic of workplace violence, that while critical structures are key targets, no type of business was immune.

The ideologues andrepparttar 134967 imbedded terrorists have now become objects of concern for those of us engaged in conducting threat assessments; evaluating risks and recommending risk abatement measures. Key to these concerns isrepparttar 134968 free access of these employees, their familiarity withrepparttar 134969 operations and their knowledge ofrepparttar 134970 company secrets. To combat this threat and to reducerepparttar 134971 risk, it would behoove decision makers to become creative in their approach to these potential threats. Just implementing technological resources may be insufficient. Taking proactive measures duringrepparttar 134972 hiring and screening process might identity a potential threat, implementing security guidelines might serve to deter or minimizerepparttar 134973 threat and educating employees will increase security awareness. Key to this creative approach however, isrepparttar 134974 collaboration of resources in a synchronized team fashion. The Threat Assessment Team is my recommended creative strategy to minimizerepparttar 134975 threat while managingrepparttar 134976 possibilities.

2. Workplace Security Concerns: People, Premises and Property…

In preventing Workplace Violence in today’s volatile workplace nothing can be taken for granted. While it isrepparttar 134977 employer’s responsibility to protectrepparttar 134978 workforce, a predisposed individual is a company’s worst nightmare. The acts of a disgruntled employee can be predictive, whilerepparttar 134979 threat of a robber’s motives cannot anymore thanrepparttar 134980 motivations ofrepparttar 134981 professional ideologue with external grievances that might target a business to emphasize an opposing position. Verifiably evident isrepparttar 134982 catastrophic capability ofrepparttar 134983 politically motivated threat whose methodical planning may take years. With access and familiarity critical factors in measuring risks, decision makes are encouraged to reconcilerepparttar 134984 security impact to business disruption and business recovery inrepparttar 134985 aftermath in terms of proactive and preventive measures duringrepparttar 134986 Threat Assessment Phase. Every business is a target of opportunity and value regardless of type:

Production Plants Power & Light Utilities Dam & Water Purifications Sewer Treatment Telephone and Heating Food & Beverages Sports Facilities Entertainment Centers Suburban Strip & Shopping Malls Hospitals and Treatment Centers High Rise Building Complexes Unprotected Establishments

AntiVirus Warning

Written by Dawn Gray

It is a sad day whenrepparttar antivirus software messes up your computer more thanrepparttar 132128 @#$& virus you got in yesterday's email. The more complex antivirus software gets,repparttar 132129 more it becomes like a virus itself. In honor of my recent discovery of a new problem with my antivirus program, here are a few pitfalls of popular (and not so popular) programs:

1. "Norton Crash Guard crashes my computer."

This isrepparttar 132130 first problem I noticed with Symantec's popular suite of computer protective software. Norton Crash Guard immediately forced my brother's new Compaq computer even with errors that would normally just shut downrepparttar 132131 program involved. (That was justrepparttar 132132 worse case.)

On other computers, loading Crash Guard slowed downrepparttar 132133 computer so much I felt compelled to take it off.

2. "Norton AntiVirus is keeping me from accessingrepparttar 132134 internet."

When I first installed Norton AntiVirus, I had to call our internet service provider AND Eudora in order to access email again. It turns outrepparttar 132135 program tries to route all email through their server to check for viruses. You have to go into your preferences and reset them in a way that will work with your internet service provider.

I'm notrepparttar 132136 only one, either! I recently received a message from a direct mail guru who said he was offline for almost 12 hours because he loaded Norton AntiVirus to delete a virus he inadvertently picked up from an email message.

3. "Norton Systemworks is slowing down my computer."

My Dad recently took a computer in because it was having some problems. The technician told him they recommended everyone uninstallrepparttar 132137 Norton Systemworks computer monitor (the little window that tells you how much your drive is fragmented, how much of your CPU you're using, etc.).

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