Personification of a Dream: part 1

Written by K.S. Fellow

The bus caught itís breath with a riveting bubbling humming as it made itís second stop alongrepparttar cold gray streets, sleek withrepparttar 146080 cold sweep of winterís waning cold as spring struggled to break free. Days of thin air, dry hair, and drab memories, a time of changing, a most uncomfortable paradox of redundance no matter what excitement you may try to stir into ones day. Like any lazy body that day onrepparttar 146081 bus, I sat in a mediocre seat, dingy blue, and hid my lean hands in side my sweat shirt as I waited dazed. More bodies traipsed intorepparttar 146082 bus,repparttar 146083 bumping and pardoning and searching for seats, was a prick to my nerves, since I truly wished we could get going, yet instead for a while that seemed ages, we were idol. Plinking inrepparttar 146084 coins, showing a bus pass...seats....awkward stares. Yes come on hurry, how hard is it to board a bus? Billowing exhaust formed aroundrepparttar 146085 bus, windows partly veiled byrepparttar 146086 steamy clouds that dipped and looped. For a moment I forgot my urgent heart, and I simply was enthralled byrepparttar 146087 pail creamy billows. A man appeared throughrepparttar 146088 white draping of exhaust, his body still vialed but his face astonished me, so untarnished by worldly strains, nor buffeted by homely demure, nor was it ridged or rugged....unlike any face I could compare it to. Odd that a face could of drawn such a rise in me, yet, normally a personís face takes no notice from anyone unless it has no equal or double, or a like, or similar...this face was not to be even compared to any model, or movie star, singer, or guineas. It was simply...not of this time as it would appear, so smooth fromrepparttar 146089 winds of a place she could never hope to go, eyes that had thoughts born in them she so earnestly wished to see, for they were thoughts of spooling beautiful great bounds and wonder, that, she was for certain. His brow innocent in his age yet a chin nimble that up held a majestic face that crooned itís wisdom it a infinite tail of gallantries so noble by his hand. ďOW!Ē With a hard pain I opened my jaded eyes, mouth stiff from sleep and full of saliva. Withrepparttar 146090 lifting of my head I looked outrepparttar 146091 passing by ofrepparttar 146092 color drain homes, fire hydrants, pickets, and empty parked cars. Everything was so enveloped by winterís thick blanket that I felt a loss of joy, one less beat in my heart as I breathed deeply forrepparttar 146093 days of summer. Inrepparttar 146094 meek voice I had, I spoke to reassure my tired voice was still stung to tune, ďWhat a restful dream.Ē I wondered about how odd it was, how real it had seemed, how wonderfulrepparttar 146095 man was I had seen inrepparttar 146096 shroud of exhaust. With out any procrastination I came to my stop and lifted my swollen from sleep body out ofrepparttar 146097 seat that had held me so well for so long. ...

Raven Breath

Written by K.S. Fellow

Raven breath

By moon light, were didrepparttar raven weep, were did itís blood stained feathers fall. trail to dark haven, were no man has time to smile. It will indeed take a while for any breath to not frost, for any heart to beat warmly. Slowlyrepparttar 146079 reality weaves, likerepparttar 146080 spiderís dewy doilies that drift and flow withrepparttar 146081 heavy night air. Kindled in low winter lighting, so that no color is seen,repparttar 146082 reaching long curling figures ofrepparttar 146083 dark watery faces that live throughrepparttar 146084 pale care ofrepparttar 146085 winds' whip...that brings drips of starry tears, andrepparttar 146086 shad of doubt cultivates many spiraling threads of fears. Reaping what is sewn isrepparttar 146087 unveiling of a deceiverís chortled words and gnarled strands of figures that nudge like fat leaches on back side ones neck. Mirth is onlyrepparttar 146088 last echo ofrepparttar 146089 choked call, if your hands are stained withrepparttar 146090 ravenís dripping liquid of breath.

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