Personalize Your Headlines For Increased Profits!

Written by George Dodge

Personalizing your headlines to your target audience can significantly improve your sales response. You can do this by mentioning a person by name, their city, their career field, their job title, or group right inrepparttar headline. You will find this has become quite common in email marketing.

If you can makerepparttar 108012 person feel that you are talking directly to them you will normally win their trust which will in turn lead to a sale.

So, rather than trying to hitrepparttar 108013 broadest audience possible by makingrepparttar 108014 headline of your sales letters, ads, or emails generic, breakrepparttar 108015 group down into small niches and address each niche individually. This does not need to create a lot of extra work, many times it only requires changingrepparttar 108016 name ofrepparttar 108017 group inrepparttar 108018 headline of your letter or ad. This can be accomplished easily with word processing or mail merge tools.

Some headline examples include (simply replacerepparttar 108019 square brackets and enclosed words with your target audience):

[firstname], Have you seen this yet? {for email}

Attention [Small Business Owners]! Here's How To INSTANTLY Get All The Customers You'll Ever Want! Discover The Little Known Secrets Of Getting More Customers In A Month Than You Now Get All Year…That Your Ad Agency Will Never Tell You! {headline for a classified ad or sales letter - simply changerepparttar 108020 target market for your niche market and change 'Customers' to Clients, Patients, Recur its, Prospects, Leads, etc. to fit your target audience.}

Use a Guarantee In Your Headline To Increase Trust.

Written by George Dodge

Sometimes you can use a guarantee effectively in your headline. Doing so often creates increased trust inrepparttar reader. After all, if you guarantee it, you must believe in whatever it is you are guaranteeing.

Remember Domino Pizza's unique selling proposition (USP), which was also used as a headline? 'Fresh Hot Pizza, Delivered To Your Door In 30 Minutes Or Less - Guaranteed!'

That headline worked great for Domino's, could a similar headline work for you? Think about your product or service. Do you have a USP that would make a great headline? Can you guarantee it? If so, test putting a guarantee in your headline and see what kind of response you get.

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