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Written by Jerry Mulder

The Personal Injury Lawyer Directory is now open to serverepparttar needs of a growing community of people who are looking for no-nonsense information about drug recall lawsuits and a handy resource for locating an injury lawyer in all 50 states. The Personal Injury Lawyer Directory is a resource for people in need of a lawyer. The Personal

Free Joint Venture Checklist

Written by Jefferson Highway, General Counsel

Oftentimes, you may have a need to set up a 'joint venture' with a third party. These collaborative businesses can be extremely profitable for all parties involved, but you must ensure onrepparttar way in to such an agreement that you have done your due diligence, and that everyone understands exactly whatrepparttar 141603 terms and conditions ofrepparttar 141604 venture are.

For this reason, we here at have put together a quick 15 point checklist that will help you determine that you have allrepparttar 141605 bases covered. This is more important than you may think - after all, mid venture is NOTrepparttar 141606 time to be arguing about basic terms and conditions!

1. Identity. Confirm in writing exactly who is involved inrepparttar 141607 joint venture.

2. NDA. Do you need a Non Disclosure Agreement to be signed? (typically if one party has a great idea, andrepparttar 141608 other will be involved with manufacture or promotion).

3. What arerepparttar 141609 responsibilities of each party? List in writing what each of you will bring torepparttar 141610 'party'.

4. Isrepparttar 141611 enterprise global, or limited in geographical scope?

5. Are there any legal considerations related to setting uprepparttar 141612 business (are licenses required fromrepparttar 141613 Government etc)

6. Structure ofrepparttar 141614 joint venture. Is it a partnership or a Company, or simply a JV contract between 2 parties? If it is a company, who sits onrepparttar 141615 board and how are they appointed? What classes of shares are in circulation, and under what conditions? How are minority shareholders protected?

7. Financing. Who suppliesrepparttar 141616 capital forrepparttar 141617 venture? Is it split in some way betweenrepparttar 141618 Joint Venture parties or does it come from an outside source, such as a Bank or venture capital firm? Isrepparttar 141619 investment in cash or goods or services?

8. If a Company structure is to be used, what exit provisions are needed? For example, if one side wanted to sell their shares, what conditions apply? Willrepparttar 141620 other party have first refusal to buy? Can they also demand to be bought out atrepparttar 141621 same time? How is a shareholding to be valued? Will new incoming shareholders haverepparttar 141622 same rights and responsibilities asrepparttar 141623 existing shareholders? Is there a right of veto?

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