Written by Terri Seymour

This article is going to be a little different than my other articles, in that it will be dealing withrepparttar person to person contact onrepparttar 131995 net. I would like to dedicate this article to allrepparttar 131996 business people who are so helpful and willing to gorepparttar 131997 extra mile to help out newbies and "oldies" alike!

I have been in this business for almost two years and I am always amazed at how much people are willing to help each other out. This is one ofrepparttar 131998 reasons I love this business so much. I want to encourage newbies and pros alike to keep up this tradition, which makesrepparttar 131999 World Wide Web such a great place to work.

There are many ways to keep uprepparttar 132000 tradition of building relationships and helping fellow netizens. Here are a few:

*Provide Free Content and Resources on Your Website. When you put up a website, make available resources and information for people just learningrepparttar 132001 business or building an existing business. There are numerous articles, ebooks, downloads, web tools and more you can make available on your site. A few places to find these things are:

*Answer Email Inquiries. When newbies or oldies email you to ask your advice or to get your help on something, you should be as helpful and considerate as you can. Answerrepparttar 132002 email as quickly as you can and show that personrepparttar 132003 respect and concern you would like others to show you. Encourage them to write back if they need more help. Remember, you were once in that position also. This is a great way to not only build business relationships, but also friendships as well.

Trust & Credibility: Vital Components to the Success of a Website

Written by Micah Cranman

When wasrepparttar last time you ever did business with someone you didn't trust? When did you last do business with someone that you suspected of being dishonest? Never.

This is because trust and credibility are crucial in any business transaction. In fact, engendering these qualities in your visitor is perhapsrepparttar 131994 most important aspect of running a commercial website. Without building trust or credibility, you' ll never be able to sell your product or service(s). This is because your potential customer has no idea who they're dealing with, what your reputation is, and if they're going to get what they expect. If they can't trust you, why would they pick you instead of someone who they can trust?

So, to help you create a trusting environment on your website, I' ve compiled a list of ten things you can do:

1 - Don't Make Outrageous Claims.

This one is common sense, but you would be surprised at how many people break this rule. Have you ever visited a site that's *obviously* been built for a little "mom & pop" shop that claims they're "The #1 Blah Blah Blah in America,"repparttar 131995 "The Best onrepparttar 131996 Planet," or something similar? And what impression does that leave with you? Probably that these people don't know what they're doing or are not to be trusted. So please people, be reasonable with what you say, because people won't believe you otherwise.

2 - Check for and correct any grammar or spelling errors.

I've said this so many times before, but it's SO important thatrepparttar 131997 content of your site is essentially flawless. Nothing says, "We're not to be trusted!" better than some spelling and grammar errors. To correct this problem, it's best to get several people to read through your site and point out any errors they see. Also, ALWAYS run any content you've made through a spell checker immediately before posting it.

3 - Give a risk-free guarantee on your product or services (and make it "no questions asked").

Think aboutrepparttar 131998 beauty of this tactic. It does two things for you right away. First of all, it removes any risk forrepparttar 131999 customer, so they are usually far more likely to buy. Secondly, it builds trust becauserepparttar 132000 customer assumes that if you're offering a "no questions asked" guarantee, you're willing to trust them. And if you're willing to trust them, they're usually willing to trust you!

4 - Publish a free newsletter.

It's been proven that it usually takes more than one exposure to a product or service before someone will buy it. By running a free newsletter, you can gain those needed exposures. Inrepparttar 132001 process of exposing those potential clients to your product or service repeatedly, you can also build trust with your newsletter if your content is good. If you've got something valuable and helpful to say, people will see you as an expert in your field and therefore trust you. And then you get their business.

5 - Use testimonials!

I can't stress how important putting testimonials on your website is. If people can see proof that you've made previous customers happy, they almost always trust you. However, in order for this to be effective, you've got to do several things: first, NEVER make up testimonials. Second, make surerepparttar 132002 testimonials are specific about how you helpedrepparttar 132003 customer or client instead of something general like, "You guys are great!" Something like that is not specific enough, and you might as well leave it out. Third, make surerepparttar 132004 people providingrepparttar 132005 testimonials are easy to contact either via an e-mail address or with a website address.

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