Persistence is Tops

Written by Dan Fry

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Persistence Is Tops by Dan J. Fry

To takerepparttar online road to success is not, contrary to millions of internet and email ads,repparttar 117040 short road traveled. There is enormous revenue potential through online channels, predicted to top $8 billion by 2005. We all would like our piece ofrepparttar 117041 pie, but unfortunately some don't want to work to get to it.

This appears to be a relatively widespread misconception about online marketing.

"5,000,000 visitors to your site in 24 hours."

"$10,000 in 1 week, working only 2 hours per day."

"$1.67 = massive profits!"

Andrepparttar 117042 list goes on and on. These are a few ofrepparttar 117043 ad headlines that I have seen recently that prey on peoples craving desire to make riches quick with little or no work. Don't tell me it ain't so?!

Well, in short it ain't. There is a little secret,repparttar 117044 one that nobody really does want to tell you, that makes these headlines true - PERSISTENCE. You see, leading internet marketers didn't build their business overnight. It is well known them all thatrepparttar 117045 permission email list is what makes "$10,000 in 1 week, with working only 2 hours per day" really possible. The information left out is that it happened AFTERrepparttar 117046 list was constructed of highly targeted subscribers, and AFTER building a relationship with each and every one of them. ONLY AFTER this process didrepparttar 117047 repercussions mean large returns on investment.

The Work From Home Revolution

Written by Tom Worsley

The Work From Home Revolution By Tom Worsley

The work from home revolution onrepparttar Internet is in full swing. There has never been a better time or opportunity to make money online working at home in front of your computer.

I have joined several opportunities and affiliate programs overrepparttar 117039 last 3 years and it’s now becoming apparent that YES I can make a full time income off ofrepparttar 117040 internet. And you can too.

With so many people usingrepparttar 117041 Internet and so many opportunities to make money it has become easier than ever to make money online. If you already have your own web site your already onrepparttar 117042 right track. If you do not yet have a web site, GET ONE.

I have 6 web sites now, and every one of them is making me money. Of coarse creating your own site is onlyrepparttar 117043 first step. You will need to first choose a theme for your website then find good content related to that theme. Once you have done that you need to advertise your site.

Advertising your site is IMPORTANT! It could mean quite simply exchanging links with other sites and submitting to search engines or paying for placement using Google’s ad words or Overture pay per click search results. Either way you need to advertise or no one will see your site.

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