Persevere And Fly!

Written by Mary Holzrichter

"The Wright Brothers created repparttar single greatest cultural force sincerepparttar 124041 invention of writing. The airplane becamerepparttar 124042 first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together."

~~~ Bill Gates, Microsoft

I hadrepparttar 124043 opportunity to recently visitrepparttar 124044 Outer Banks of North Carolina. One of our stops was at The Wright Brothers National Memorial at Kill Devil Hills.

The Wrights, Wilbur and Orville, wererepparttar 124045 first to design and build a flying aircraft that could be *controlled* while inrepparttar 124046 air. No one up to this point had usedrepparttar 124047 three control factors; roll, pitch, and yaw. These three dimensions make it possible to fly from place to place. The aerospace business depends on this simple but brilliant idea. So do spacecraft and submarines.

This changedrepparttar 124048 way we view our world. Seen from above, distances shrink andrepparttar 124049 horizon stretches. The world seems grander, more vast and three-dimensional. Open to endless possibilities.

We talk aboutrepparttar 124050 perseverance needed to make our niche onrepparttar 124051 internet today. Just think of Wilbur and Orville. Their accomplishment certainly didn't happen overnight!

Wilbur and Orville were 12 and 8 years of age, respectively, when their father brought home a simple toy rubber band-powered helicopter made in France. They were so intrigued byrepparttar 124052 concept and playing with it, it broke! Immediately, they began building copies.

They were hooked on aviation!

In 1900, as young men, having built their first glider, they decided to try it out at Kitty Hawk on Kill Devil Hills. It provided consistent stiff winds, andrepparttar 124053 somewhat cushioning effects of sand and water. That first flight was unsuccessful, but it didn't deter them.

The Magic of Positive Thinking

Written by John Boe

Yes, there is magic in positive thinking! In aviation,repparttar word attitude meansrepparttar 124040 angle at whichrepparttar 124041 plane meetsrepparttar 124042 wind, whetherrepparttar 124043 wings are level withrepparttar 124044 horizon, and whether it is climbing or descending. The pilot who fails to take responsibility forrepparttar 124045 attitude of his aircraft is in serious trouble. And likewise, any person who has not taken charge of his or her own beliefs and attitudes runs a similar risk. The key to cultivating and maintaining a positive mental attitude is to take control of your thinking and avoid negative minded people. It’s a challenging task to develop a calm, focused mind, but well worthrepparttar 124046 effort.

Every setback and failure you experience also comes with a great opportunity. When one door closes, a window of possibility opens. The key is to look forrepparttar 124047 opportunity and avoid dwelling on failure. Think thoughts of defeat and you are bound to feel defeated. Your attitude is not determined by circumstances, but by how you respond to those circumstances. Your mind determines your attitude; you always haverepparttar 124048 choice to respond either positively or negatively. What happens to a person is less important than what happens within them. The great inventor, Thomas A. Edison, was known for his positive mental attitude. In December 1914,repparttar 124049 Edison Laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey, was almost entirely destroyed by fire. Edison lost $2,000,000 worth of equipment andrepparttar 124050 records of much of his life’s work. The morning afterrepparttar 124051 fire, asrepparttar 124052 67-year-old inventor walked amongrepparttar 124053 ashes, he was anything but defeated. Looking around, he remarked, “There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew.” Yes, there is magic in a positive attitude!

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