Permission Marketing With Tip Sheets

Written by Roger C. Parker

Permission Marketing with Tip Sheets

Use tip sheets to encourage clients and prospects to sign up for your e-mail Newsletter. Permission Marketing, a marketing concept popularized by Seth Godin, is based on obtaining your clientís, prospectís, and web site visitorís permission to communicate with them via e-mail.

Often,repparttar hardest part of a Permission Marketing program is developing an incentive to persuade clients, prospects, and web site visitors to send you their e-mail address and permission for you to send them your e-mail newsletter. Thatís where tip sheets come in! Tip sheets are short, formatted, documents that contain non-selling information your market will find useful. Clients and prospects appreciate tip sheets because they contain helpful information that helps them save time and avoid mistakes.


Tip sheets are easy to prepare and can be distributed for free as electronic files. You donít need many words, and you donít need fancy graphics to communicate a credible, competent, professional image. Clients and prospects like tip sheets because they contain helpful information presented in a short, concise, easy-to-read format which saves them time.

Steps to success

1.Create your tip sheet. Choose a topic that either helps your market achieve a goaló save time or money, increase sales, win a race, etc.ó or avoid making a mistake, like a bad buying decision. Ideas include: frequently made mistakes, questions to ask when buying, trends, symptoms, installation tips, usability techniques, shortcuts, and workarounds.

Support each point with one or two short, concisely edited, paragraphs. Write as you speak, in a conversational tone. Format your tip sheet using subheads set in a typeface that forms a strong contrast with adjacent body copy. Add extra space between lines, and above subheads, to enhancerepparttar 124173 professional image your tip sheet projects.

A Word Fitly Spoken ~ Destiny

Written by C.L. Mareydt

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A Word Fitly Spoken
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. Proverbs 25:11

There is a destiny that makes us brothers: none goes his way alone: All that we send intorepparttar 124174 lives of others comes back into our own ~ Edwin Markam , American Poet 1852-1940

Destiny: Event or course of events that will inevitably happen inrepparttar 124175 future;repparttar 124176 ultimate agency that predeterminesrepparttar 124177 course of events; overall circumstances or condition in life including everything that happens to you. ~ Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

Destiny is often portrayed and held as a banner of excellence associated with someone else's life, but at times overlooked in our own life. Assumed, that unless extraordinary achievements are recognized with great accolades, our Destiny is not as important as others. This is not true.

Destiny is nurtured inrepparttar 124178 quiet moments of reflection and inrepparttar 124179 raucous moments of decision. For Destiny like a seed is ready to germinate and shoot forth in its own time. it sometimes yells to be heard and other times like a soft breeze, stirsrepparttar 124180 sleeping soul. But nevertheless Destiny is there allrepparttar 124181 time and ready to shower it's radiant surprises upon us all.

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