Permanent markers can destroy your white board! Until Now!

Written by F. Glen Ferguson

How would you like to clean up those permanent markers instantly? And, you already have whatís needed.

After years of running a training department. I knowrepparttar problems that trainers face every day. This really isnít a secret because I was so amazed by it, I tell everyone I see. Iím very happy to be able to share it with you.

Not long ago,repparttar 138517 company I worked for, hired a consultant to give a training class. Afterrepparttar 138518 classrepparttar 138519 consultant and I were talking about presenting training andrepparttar 138520 problems that happen. Holding a black permanent marker, I explained that one thing that really bothered me was having someone use a permanent marker on my white board. With that, I showed himrepparttar 138521 marker and proceeded to draw big cross marks onrepparttar 138522 white board. You can imaginerepparttar 138523 look I received.

The consultant was sure that I had lost my mind and said, ďwhat are you doing, you just destroyed your white board!Ē Inrepparttar 138524 past I would have thoughtrepparttar 138525 same thing. Inrepparttar 138526 past to remove permanent markers Iíve usedrepparttar 138527 liquids and creams, and it always took a lot of effort and sometimes left a shadow.

Podcasting 101

Written by D. L. Randolph

The World Wide Web is chock full of interesting and unique technological advancements that make life a bit easier. Podcasting is a new technical advancement that has recently become allrepparttar rage with computer users. Mixingrepparttar 138516 words "iPod" and "broadcast" to give this new method of sound file publication a name, podcasting has become exceedingly popular since Apple's iPod and other mp3 players have come ontorepparttar 138517 scene and worked their way intorepparttar 138518 pockets of tech savvy individuals. The idea of a podcast may be difficult to grasp, but think of it in terms of a radio program or a magazine subscription for audio purposes. Instead of reading your subscription, you listen to it using specific software.

The technology behinds podcasting is phenomenal and complicated, but can be broken into easy to understand bits so evenrepparttar 138519 most non technical minds can marvel atrepparttar 138520 process. Audio files must be published to a website in order for individuals to accessrepparttar 138521 files in order to download them on a computer or mp3 player. These devices have a program that can read these files and allowrepparttar 138522 individual to listen torepparttar 138523 files. The same way digital video recorders (such asrepparttar 138524 ultra popular Tivo) records, transmits, and plays video images, podcasts players record and play audio transmissions. Podcasts are not just songs, they can be any type of audio recordings an individual wishes to hear. There are a great deal of podcasts available for interested individuals to subscribe just as there are a multitude radio stations that broadcast overrepparttar 138525 airwaves. Countries all overrepparttar 138526 world actively have podcasts started and are expanding their content. Popular Canadian broadcast show, "Quirks and Quarks" is currently podcast in addition to traditional radio broadcast. Similarly, programs inrepparttar 138527 United States andrepparttar 138528 United Kingdom are podcast to a number of happy subscribers.

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