Perfect to the Penny

Written by Bob Curtis

At some point in our careers, we may find ourselves part of an obsolete operation, such as a downsizing, business insolvency, or even a single retail store closing. This can be a time of positive reflection for us, if we “step back” and ponderrepparttar good things that have happened, as well as allrepparttar 142301 new things we have learned. Such wasrepparttar 142302 case for us, not long ago. Our store was closing. I could takerepparttar 142303 time to list allrepparttar 142304 shoulda, coulda, woulda items that may have made a difference, and perhaps even have savedrepparttar 142305 store, but at this point, it doesn’t matter anymore. This is written to add human perspective and feeling when considering impending change. We had already had our last “store meeting”. It turned out to be a barbeque at someone’s home. Our store manager arranged for all of us to be atrepparttar 142306 store together for a one hour window of time. He bought everyone a tall fruit smoothie drink and we just sat around and talked and laughed. Then it occurred to us that this would berepparttar 142307 last time all of us would ever be together atrepparttar 142308 same time again. The store would close, some of us were moving, and we would all go our own separate ways, forever. We had made efforts to let others know who had worked with us inrepparttar 142309 past thatrepparttar 142310 store was closing. I had written a poem aboutrepparttar 142311 event and had given copies to all who I thought may care. It went like this:

“Remembering When”

Where does one begin? How does one collectrepparttar 142312 thoughts The feelings and essence of an Era that has come to a close? To simply put words to paper Does not conveyrepparttar 142313 yearnings The hopes and excitement The companionship and triumphs that Were waged and won Individually and as a team As we strived forrepparttar 142314 best In each other and collectively To make a success of our dreams.

And now, at it’s passing We reflect onrepparttar 142315 special times The sweet times The personal times of joy and tears Shared among us, for us and Because of us for The essence of life Was not within these walls But withinrepparttar 142316 heart The mind, andrepparttar 142317 blood Of those within.

Resumes That Rock (16 Expert Tips)

Written by Karen Fritscher-Porter

It's never too early to update your resume, even if you're not searching for a new job. Why? Updating your resume is a valuable reminder to yourself of your practical value to employers.

Refer to it when preparing your business case for a raise request or when preparing for your annual performance evaluation. Your resume is a good reminder of your achievements for your company as well as your capabilities and skills.

And if you suddenly find your company, or life, in upheaval and need to start searching for a new job, preparing your resume is one less stressful activity to worry about. You've kept your resume current so it's nearly complete. Just polish it, print it and add a cover letter targeted toward each individual employer and position. Then drop it inrepparttar mail, fax it or e-mail it perrepparttar 142279 potential employer's preference. It's so simple, right? Hardly.

If you could really capture your essence in a bottle and send it torepparttar 142280 prospective employer, you'd certainly getrepparttar 142281 job. Why? He'd know how polished, enthusiastic, well-qualified and perfect you were forrepparttar 142282 position compared torepparttar 142283 other trillion candidates applying too. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Your "essence" has to go intorepparttar 142284 brief resume and cover letter versus a bottle. And that's howrepparttar 142285 potential employer knows he or she just MUST meet you in person.

"Your resume is a snapshot," says Anne McKinney, author and editor of "Real Resumes for Administrative Support, Office & Secretarial Jobs" by PREP Publishing ( "And when a resume is a great resume, from head (its objective) to toe (its personal section), an employer can really feel that he has met you. He might not know exactly what you look like but it's a photograph of you in lots of ways that you've brought to life. And that's not easy for most people to create since they're not writers."

Here is advice McKinney shared that should help make your next resume and cover letter writing experience easier and more focused:

Cover Letters: 1. Don't write anything that will get you screened out. For example, don't write that you've just finished having your ninth child but your mother-in-law takes care ofrepparttar 142286 children duringrepparttar 142287 day. Most employers will think your life is too busy to truly include them in a reliable fashion.

2. Be careful when you introduce personal content. But don't exclude it in your cover letter if it might be of interest to that particular employer. For example, you mention your youngest child has just left home for college, you're newly single and you're psyched for this position that possibly entails traveling as a personal assistant. That employer is looking for someone who is willing to travel or relocate and focus on him predominately. You're in.

3. Write positive statements. Don't start with 'I've been out ofrepparttar 142288 job market for 15 years...' It doesn't inspire confidence. Seerepparttar 142289 tip above for a better way to phrase this.

4. Stay away from touchy subjects unless it's positive and useful information. Religious matters wouldn't likely be appropriate for a cover letter unless, for instance, you're applying to work at a nonprofit organization of your faith. Then it might be to your advantage to mention something relevant.

5. Userepparttar 142290 cover letter to address questions or discrepancies thatrepparttar 142291 employer might have about you. Make employers aware that you do know what job you're applying for and you're not just litteringrepparttar 142292 universe with your resume. That might mean writing that 'I'm writing to you from Missouri but I'm planning to be in North Carolina where you're located upon my husband's retirement fromrepparttar 142293 military when we return to our home town.'

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