Perfect Pot Coffee from Gabby Goodies

Written by Shannon Barnard

I hadrepparttar pleasure of trying two flavors of Gabby Goodies Perfect Pot Coffee from Patty King ( They are called perfect pots becauserepparttar 151110 packages containrepparttar 151111 perfect amount of coffee for one pot. Of course, you can adjustrepparttar 151112 amount of coffee or water to meet your preference. When I openedrepparttar 151113 package,repparttar 151114 sweet smell of flavored coffee filledrepparttar 151115 room. The Cookies and Cream flavor is rich, with a nice aftertaste of cookies (without all ofrepparttar 151116 calories!) The Almond Amaretto has a wonderful almond fragrance and a taste to match. I

Bread Baking Made Easy!

Written by Beth Scott

Don’t you just hate it when you follow a recipe torepparttar letter and whenrepparttar 151087 bread baking is finishedrepparttar 151088 bread not only looks nothing likerepparttar 151089 recipe book’s picture, but tastes terrible as well?

There is no denying that bread baking as with baking anything is a delicate process.

Bread baking involves so many things that first time bakers are often discouraged after a few failed attempts to turn out professional looking and tasting loaves.

Little do they realize that if they only possessedrepparttar 151090 professional Baker’s secrets bread baking would be so easy thatrepparttar 151091 bread would practically make itself!

For instance: How many amateur bakers knowrepparttar 151092 secret to keeping bread from sticking torepparttar 151093 pan every time?

None! So when they try their hand at bread baking forrepparttar 151094 first time their bread sticks torepparttar 151095 bread pan, and ends up a crumbled mess if they try to force it out.

Then they cry and give up thinking thatrepparttar 151096 problem lies with them.

The shocking truth is that it doesn’t!

The problem lies with their lack of knowledge of THE baker’s bread baking secret.

The secret professional chefs and bakers won’t tell you,repparttar 151097 secret they guard so jealously.

My father happened to learn this bread baking secret in his younger baking days and has passed it on to his children ever since.

Okay, okay, I know you’re probably screaming at me by now “Beth, get on with it! Tell usrepparttar 151098 bread baking secret already!”

So here it is; You will need only one tool besides forrepparttar 151099 oil and bread pan you already have, and that is quite simply CORNMEAL (you shouldn’t need more than 1/4 to 1/2 cup for two loaves of bread).

“Cornmeal?” you ask doubtfully. “YES, cornmeal!”

No, you do not addrepparttar 151100 cornmeal torepparttar 151101 bread ingredients! That is notrepparttar 151102 bread baking secret.

What you do is you oil your pan as usual, and you lightly sprinkle cornmeal on all ofrepparttar 151103 sides and bottom ofrepparttar 151104 bread pan.

Now you can safely place your bread dough intorepparttar 151105 pans without fear of it sticking to them.

While your bread is baking instead of sticking torepparttar 151106 pan, your bread will stick torepparttar 151107 cornmeal and slide easily out ofrepparttar 151108 pan when done baking.

You may need to use a butter knife and slide it in betweenrepparttar 151109 pan andrepparttar 151110 bread before turningrepparttar 151111 pan over and allowing your bread to pop out.

A lot ofrepparttar 151112 time this will be unnecessary however and your bread will pop out just by your turningrepparttar 151113 bread pan upside down.

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