Perfect Company Brochure for Your Growing Business

Written by Kristine Llabres

It is necessary for a business to have its unique way of attracting customers and retaining old ones to gain stability and raise profit. Brochures are one of those campaign and marketing printed stuffs that will help you alongrepparttar course of your expanding business.

The company’s brochure and other printed marketing stuffs play a decisive role in inviting new customers, maintainingrepparttar 136773 current ones and earning more and more profit forrepparttar 136774 business. The printed materials will be there for you incase you are out of reach so, it is a must that it looks presentable with qualities that would definitely speak of you.

Some guide questions that you should consider to attain quality prints and efficient rewards are provided below. Does your brochures convey professional image? Does it send a clear and authentic message that a potential customer can identify with? What are your print outs says about your business? Are your brochures motivating, inviting or does not matter at all?

You need to have those questions answered then you can see yourselvesrepparttar 136775 difference that you can have among those. Remember that your brochure is one ofrepparttar 136776 most vital documents in your business. It simply introduces your whole company and it is a must that it should convey your company’s best image.

More often than not, brochures arerepparttar 136777 first thing a potential client comes in contact with before ever having other stuffs about your company. It should make a great impression for your company to getrepparttar 136778 necessary goal of increasing customers and increasing profit.

Addiction to Perfection

Written by Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

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Title: Addiction to Perfection Author: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. E-mail: Copyright: © 2005 by Margaret Paul URL: Word Count: 727 Category: Self Improvement

Addiction to Perfection By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

The following email was sent to me by Karen, a member of our website:

“For no obvious reason this morning, I was feeling anxious and depressed. I looked at it and realized thatrepparttar 136666 false belief creating all this was that I have to be perfect in order for me to allow myself to feel happiness. Yet, there are so many conditions for me to be perfect that it is almost impossible to achieve. Still, I have driven myself to be ‘perfect’ sometimes and discovered it thatrepparttar 136667 ensuing happiness lasts about 2 seconds and I am exhausted.

“Lately, procrastination is somehow wrapped up in this conundrum too. Maybe I don't even try things because I know if it's not done perfectly I won't value it anyway. Most of my life, my critically inspired drive propelled me to achieve some amazing things (including opening my own business in L.A.). Somehow, I feel that if I don't criticize and punish myself then I'll never go anywhere or do anything. Yetrepparttar 136668 truth is, right now, I'm not really productive. There must be another way!”

Needing to be perfect is a form of control. The wounded, critical part of us believes that, “If I am perfect (whatever that means!) then people will like me, love me, admire me, approve of me, pay attention to me, or validate me. Then I will feel worthy. I can control how people feel about me by being perfect.” The need to control how people feel about us comes from making others responsible for defining our worth. The false belief is that if someone likes you, then you are worthy, and then you can be happy. But, as Karen said, “the ensuing happiness last about 2 seconds and I am exhausted.” Trying to be perfect is exhausting andrepparttar 136669 good feelings are very short-lived.

In addition, having to be perfect in order to gain approval often leads to procrastination. The fear of disapproval and failure if you are not perfect can be so great that it stops you from takingrepparttar 136670 action you need to take. Judging yourself to get yourself to do things “perfectly” often backfires, leading to paralysis instead of creativity and productivity, as it has with Karen.

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