Perception of Freedom

Written by Michelle Jacobson

Sometimes we're already free but we don't realize it. We don't believe it or act like itů

There's a story I've read where an eagle got trapped in a chicken cage as an egg. He grew up there withrepparttar chickens.

He didn't think that he could fly because all of those around him told him that none of them could fly -including him. He believed them.

This eagle grew up thinking that he was a chicken. When he saw an eagle fly overhead he watched longingly. He hadrepparttar 138871 urge to fly but never tried it because of what he believed.

Do you feelrepparttar 138872 urge to fly in Christ Jesus. The urge to do more of what Jesus said you could do. To do more than anyone on this planet thought you could -including you.?

You're notrepparttar 138873 only one. God told us in Ephesians 3:20 that He is able to give us above what we ask for -or even think of.

More promises are given to us in John 14:12 as Jesus said that when we believe on Him and what He did, we would also do those things! Then He went on to tell us that greater things than these would we do because He went to His Father!

That's a lot! Far more thanrepparttar 138874 chickens said that we could do!

Who We Really Are God's word was given to us inrepparttar 138875 Bible to show us who we really are. It's not just a list of does and don'ts. Through Jesus we can become children of God Almighty.

Once we're born again we are transferred torepparttar 138876 kingdom of God. This means that we are heirs to what God has made available to us!

What'd we miss?

Written by Michelle Jacobson

Did we just overlookrepparttar amount of love that God has for us?

His word, shown inrepparttar 138845 written form we callrepparttar 138846 Bible, tells us things that He did to show us that He loves us. Did we realize it or did we overlook it and walk away?

In Hebrews 11:1 we are told that our faith isrepparttar 138847 substance of things hoped for,repparttar 138848 evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

Hope moves into faith Think about it. No one gets a recipe made without knowing whatrepparttar 138849 ingredients are and what to do with them even when they're sitting onrepparttar 138850 counter!

The something that's wanted could be just as simple as having pasta...

You put water in a pan. You put it on a heated burner on a stovetop. Then you wait forrepparttar 138851 water to boil.

Afterrepparttar 138852 water comes to a hard boil you pour inrepparttar 138853 noodles and wait forrepparttar 138854 pasta to be cooked. Finally, you put sauce onrepparttar 138855 pasta and eat it!

Normally, it isn't until that time thatrepparttar 138856 attitude changes. You had a want. A hope. But that turned intorepparttar 138857 knowledge that want you wanted is happening shortly.

The attitude becomes excited and expectant ofrepparttar 138858 things we had faith for coming to pass.

Just likerepparttar 138859 pasta wait, we learn in Hebrews 11:1 that what we want is already there. It just takes time for us to get it!


Because we need to change our thinking. (That's why God said to renew our minds with His word in Romans 12:2.)

What God says is totally, pure truth. We just need to really know it!

Now faith isrepparttar 138860 substance of things hoped for,repparttar 138861 evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

These things that are hoped for are real but they aren't seen yet withrepparttar 138862 physical eyes! Don't forget there arerepparttar 138863 physical andrepparttar 138864 spiritual realms. Just because you can't see it inrepparttar 138865 physical realm doesn't mean it's not real inrepparttar 138866 spiritual realm!

Back torepparttar 138867 pasta! Our physical eyes sawrepparttar 138868 pasta. It was cooked for our physical bodies. But we can learn a thing or two here...

We want stuff inrepparttar 138869 physical realm! First off we have to really know that it's real inrepparttar 138870 spiritual realm.

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