People - You Can't Make Them What They're Not

Written by Alan Fairweather

Many business people and managers are spending too much time trying to changerepparttar underperforming people who work for them. They seem to believe that if they train people - tell them what to do or even threaten them withrepparttar 119434 sack - thenrepparttar 119435 performance level will go up.

The successful manager concentrates on developingrepparttar 119436 strengths of his team members - not trying to correct their weaknesses. Sometimes you have to manage around a weakness, but you can't make people what they're not.

Some years ago I decided to improve my golf by taking some lessons. A friend and I spent some hours with a professional golfer and coach at a local country club. This was really useful to me and I did get better. However my friend Robin hadn't a clue. No matter whatrepparttar 119437 pro told him to do, how to change his stance and his grip, he could hardly hitrepparttar 119438 ball.

If you'd given Robin a hundred lessons and threatened him with a gun, I doubt if he'd ever have completed a round of golf in less than two days. Robin is a successful lawyer and makes a lot of money, however a golfer - he is not.

So if you have a sales person on your team who isn't bringing inrepparttar 119439 sales or a production engineer who isn't making his quota, then you have to make a decision. Is this person not producing because they don't haverepparttar 119440 ability - because they need more training or - because there's another reason?

You can read more about coaching and other reasons for non performance in my book - "How to get more Sales by Motivating your Team" but forrepparttar 119441 moment it's important to understand thatrepparttar 119442 individual may not be able to dorepparttar 119443 job.

They may tell you they can dorepparttar 119444 job because they're unwilling to accept defeat; however I've known people in sales jobs who shouldn't be in sales and doctors, plumbers, lawyers and engineers who were also inrepparttar 119445 wrong job.

What you need to do is get people who can't dorepparttar 119446 job into a job that they can do or get them out of your team.

Rapport - How to Build it with Your Team

Written by Alan Fairweather

I've often heard managers say - "My door is always open, come and talk to me anytime." You have to acceptrepparttar fact that your team won't always do that. They might not want to bother you or they may feel that they should knowrepparttar 119433 answers to their questions and they'll look stupid if they ask. And how many times have they approached you and you've been onrepparttar 119434 phone or "too busy?" It's your job to get out and talk to them.

I've also heard managers say - "I sit with my team in an open-plan office so I'm always available to them and I hear what's going on" - OH NO YOU DON'T!

It's important to get out of your office or up off your seat and mix with your people on a regular basis, don't wait for them to come to you. Pull up a chair and have chat and don't just talk about business, find out how they're doing on a human level. That doesn't mean prying into their personal life, but your team members want to feel that you're interested and care about them as a person.

It's also important that they feel free to chat amongst themselves so don't stifle that. A team who have good relationships with each other are a productive team.

Many business owners and managers aren't comfortable about speaking to their team members unless it's about business. I've worked for many managers who knew nothing or very little about me on a personal basis.

One of my colleagues once told me that our manager had asked him if I was gay. He'd come to this conclusion because there didn't seem to be a woman in my life. Atrepparttar 119435 time he was coming to this conclusion, I was going throughrepparttar 119436 break up of my fifteen year marriage to my wife. However my manager didn't know that nor would he have been able to handle it if he did. That doesn't suggest he was a bad person, he just didn't know how to make that human connection and sadly he didn't try.

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