"Penury Perpetuates Poverty"

Written by Robert Leggett

So...you might just believe I hide behind computers creating and updating my websites and researching potential markets. Well...I love to spend time "inrepparttar street"..."under fire"...whererepparttar 146505 "action is." As a copywriter wannabe...and I'm learning much...I talk to many people onrepparttar 146506 street as well as business owners. As a "hands-on" direct marketer, I pass out a lot of publicity pieces...and get a lot of feedback.

Recently...I spoke withrepparttar 146507 manager of a very "posh" restaurant. The publicity pieces they were distributing torepparttar 146508 general public reminded me ofrepparttar 146509 bad olde days prior to computers...where everything was "cut and paste" by hand. This was perhapsrepparttar 146510 worst PR piece I'd ever seen. It was even printed onrepparttar 146511 cheapest colored paper...which fades after 30 minutes exposure torepparttar 146512 sunshine. Yetrepparttar 146513 establishment looked great...great ambience...great location...great menu...great drinks...great! It also seemed empty most ofrepparttar 146514 time. Why? The owner is a "penny pincher."

There is a huge difference between temporarily having to be overly frugal and possessing a locked-in penurious mind-set. You can tighten your belt during hard times by being frugal. No matter whether times are good or bad...the penurious are always in a sad state...never having...or enjoying any abundance...which never seems to come their way.

Obviously...there is no business to be done here. My energy is better spent onrepparttar 146515 wannabe "movers and shakers."

I've been working with a very frugal client. His business has tremendous growth potential. He has a "killer" logo he didn't know he had. We worked hard on a "killer" slogan which can be modified to push whichever product/service he is offering at any time. While there isn't much remuneration possible at this time...I hope he becomes a long-term client. He is willing to try something different. He is frugal...but far from penurious.

What to do when your Alarm Clock doesn’t Wake You Up

Written by Pankaj andy

Tring – Tringrepparttar alarm rings…but did you fail to wake up? You have a crucial meeting tomorrow. The last thing you do while sleeping is to setrepparttar 146481 timing s of your alarm clock, retaining full confidence in yourself of not makingrepparttar 146482 blunder of getting late this time. But what happens? The alarm bell rings and falls on deaf ears. The time you realize thatrepparttar 146483 dawn has broken, it’s too late. Here are some nitty - gritty that should be followed in a terrible situation like this.

·The first thing that you should do in such a case is not to lose your temper and composure. In other words do not panic.

·Don’t start investigating and cursing your alarm clock. You will have ample time to examine and scrutinize it later.

·Try and speed uprepparttar 146484 work as possible. Like take a quick shower and just forgetrepparttar 146485 morning newspaper.

·Don’t start messing up your wardrobe for clothes. A little patience will help you findrepparttar 146486 right and perfect dress in few seconds.

·If your clothes are not ironed, iron them. Do not compromise on wearing ironed clothes. Crushed clothes never leave a straight and perfect impression.

·Your attire matters a lot for every work you go. So from your flattened shirt to polished shoes everything should be in an ideal manner. The other people must not be able to conjecture your folly.

·After you dress up, warily keep your official documents. Make sure you have kept everything that you require forrepparttar 146487 day’s meeting.

·You can skip your breakfast orrepparttar 146488 other thing you can carry some eatable in your bag. This you can eat while driving or inrepparttar 146489 bus. It is better to take something from home if available rather than spending money outside.

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