Penny Wise

Written by Bob Osgoodby

We've all heardrepparttar saying "Penny Wise and Pound Foolish". It never ceases to amaze me that someone will join an income opportunity program, but not effectively promote it and scout out new customers. Most people join programs of this type to generate income, and they pay a monthly fee to be involved.

They first might try allrepparttar 102651 free advertising available, and that may or may not generate some income. However, they are usingrepparttar 102652 "tried and true", but very "tired" ads supplied byrepparttar 102653 affiliate, and wonder why they don't do better.

Then they try some paid ads usingrepparttar 102654 same tired ad copy in newsletters, ezines and on web sites with similar results. At this point, they might do one of two things, and sometimes both. The first is they discount this type of advertising as not being effective, and/or quitrepparttar 102655 affiliate program. After a program gets saturated, thousands of people have used these affiliate supplied ads, and potential customers have seen them a "jillion" times. Once an ad gets "tired", it is a waste of time and money to continue using it.

However, many people rely on ezine advertising to sell these affiliate programs that others are failing at, and do very well. So what are they doing to be successful?

They do not just post an ad, and wait forrepparttar 102656 dollars to arrive in their mailbox. They have not fallen into what is referred to as "the earn while you sleep" trap. You know, you throw up a few ads onrepparttar 102657 web, and at night people all overrepparttar 102658 world are sending you their hard earned money. They realize that like anything else, if they are to succeed, they have to work at it.

The first thing they do is write some original ad copy, and back it up with their own web site. Withrepparttar 102659 cost of registering a site AND a full year of web hosting for about $35, (see which is probably less than their monthly fee torepparttar 102660 affiliate program, this is a must.

They next seek out newsletters or ezines, whose subscribers fall into their general target market. There, they place their rewritten ads and keep them going. It takes 5 to 7 exposures to an ad to get someone's attention. The really successful keep their ads in front of potential customers on a regular basis.

Secrets to a higher "Conversion Ratio"

Written by David McKenzie

As an affiliate promoting affiliate programs you need to know repparttar conversion ratio of each program you belong to.

It is something you have control over.

But what exactly is a conversion ratio?

For affiliate programs,repparttar 102650 conversion ratio (or CR) isrepparttar 102651 number of visitors that click through your affiliate link compared torepparttar 102652 number of sales you make.

For instance if you had 100 visitors to one of your affiliate programs you were promoting and got 1 sale then your CR would be 1%.

One sale for every 50 visitors would be a CR of 2% and one sale for every 200 visitors would be a CR of 0.5%.

So what would be a good conversion ratio for an affiliate program?

Well after much research I have seen that a 1% CR is quite acceptable. A CR of 0.5% would be a little low and if you have a CR of 3% then you are on to a winning affiliate program.

Depending on what you are promoting your goal should be to achieve a CR of 1% to 2%. But how?

To get a higher CR you need to concentrate onrepparttar 102653 following factors:

a.. Join quality affiliate programs that have products or services that are proven sellers onrepparttar 102654 internet. a.. Become an affiliate of a HOT selling product or service including marketing, travel, health & fitness and ebooks.

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