Pennies On The Dollar - Buying Audio Software Smart. Part 8

Written by David D. Deprice

Advanced WMA Workshop - $21

Hundreds of utilities out there offer users a pocketknife's worth of tools for encoding audio. Advanced WMA Workshop succeeds where others fail time and time again. It's quick, it looks good, and it supportsrepparttar most popular file formats around.

Getting used to howrepparttar 138245 program operates may take a few minutes, but it's an easy curve. The interface features a Windows-Explorer-style file browser for familiar navigation. Large colorful buttons make it easy to selectrepparttar 138246 desired output, allowing for convenient one-click encoding. Do you have a whole folder of files that needs to be encoded? The batch converter feature makes short work of this. Each file can even have a unique encoding setting accessible from a handy drop-down menu.

Advanced WMA Workshop is available in a larger full version that includesrepparttar 138247 Windows Media 9 codec, or a smaller, lite version for those already up onrepparttar 138248 latest Windows Media Player. The free trial version expires after 15 day and limits you to five files inrepparttar 138249 batch processor.

Neon Tetras

Written by Linda Paquette

Neon tetras are one ofrepparttar most popular community fish and an excellent choice for those new to fish keeping. Their purchase size is often under of an inch and at full size, they reach a big 2 inches in length. If you like color in your aquarium fish,repparttar 137820 Neon tetra will add real sparkle and flash to your aquarium. A silver fish that darkens to iridescent blue along its backbone,repparttar 137821 neon tetra also sports a bright red tail. In addition, these active little fish like to school in groups of 6 or more, so a tank of neon tetras continually flashes with red, silver-white, and blue!

Although inrepparttar 137822 same family asrepparttar 137823 Piranha, neon tetras are completely unaggressive fish and if kept with more aggressive types are more apt to become prey than predator. The main diet of neon tetras is tropical flake food with tubifex worms, bloodworms, or brine shrimp introduced as an occasional treat.

Maybe because of their size, neon tetras do like an aquarium that provides them with lots of places to hide. This makes them wonderful fish to keep in a live plant aquarium. In addition, a dark substrate is closer to their natural surroundings. Other good hiding places for neon tetras can include pieces of driftwood or fish caves. Tetras in general also like highly oxygenated acidic water, so another accessory you should consider is a good aeration system.

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