Pennies On The Dollar - Buying Audio Software Smart. Part 15

Written by David D. Deprice

Replay Radio

Replay Radio lets you record radio shows fromrepparttar Web, and then listen anytime, anywhere. It's like a TiVo forrepparttar 138281 radio. You can record anything you hear, including streaming audio broadcast from Internet radio stations. 600 shows and 900 stations are pre-programmed, making recording as easy as point and click. You can even use Replay Radio as a general purpose recorder for archiving audio books, converting Real Audio files to MP3, saving music, monitoring online police scanners, recording from devices attached to your PC (like cassette decks or radios), or other uses.

Considering Success in Marriage

Written by Chuck Smith

Your success in marriage depends largely upon having sound and constructive attitudes toward love. For Americans, this can be difficult. Especially because ofrepparttar fictions we’ve been taught since childhood, which are supported by movies and other cultural influences. In fact,repparttar 138076 love upon which so many base their marriages is one or a combination ofrepparttar 138077 following:

1.The appeal ofrepparttar 138078 romance and adventure of marriage itself 2.The response to a person who reminds them of some one whom they have loved 3.The desire to escape from an unhappy situation 4.Consolation for failure or disappointment 5.Social pressures and/orrepparttar 138079 fear of being "left onrepparttar 138080 shelf" 6.Sexual desires 7.Some minor point of attraction

These forms of love are not false – they are very real. Often, they are intense enough to give a person an overwhelming feeling of certainty about marriage. And some of them – such as numbers 1, 6 and 7 – have a proper place in marriage.

Their danger is that they are superficial. No single one of them, or all of them together, is strong enough to constituterepparttar 138081 foundations of a successful marriage. Yet these deceive people who believe that "love is enough" into choosing unsuitable mates.

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