Pendulum Power

Written by joseph Robert Neil James

When a Pendulum was introduced to me on 1981.I was fascinated with its simple Yes and No signal. For many years pendulums have been used in various ways.

During our lifetime we all have ambitions and Goals, which we want to achieve. My short Article will introduce you to a UNIQUE way of working with a pendulum. You will learn, how to Solve Problems and Achieve your Goals, in a simple logical way. It is amazing how much you can learn, from a simple, “Yes” or “No” signal, whilst working with a Pendulum.

A pendulum is a device for communicating with our Sub-conscious. A pendulum is simple to make and easy to use. All you need is a length of chain or string 6" to 9" long. Attach a small weight torepparttar chain or string. You now have a Pendulum. There are several alternatives you may wish to try, such as a rosary, crucifix and chain, or any pendant. They are all suitable.

The pendulum I use today is my front door key attached to a length of chain. My wife’s pendulum is a gold locket and chain, after you make your pendulum, holdrepparttar 132645 chain or string between your first finger and thumb sorepparttar 132646 weight hangs freely at waist height. Now ask a question that requires a YES or NO answer. The pendulum will sway from left to right for YES and backwards and forwards for NO. Practice for a while.

Now askrepparttar 132647 pendulum to circle clockwise for YES and anti-clockwise for NO or visa versa. Practice for a while until you are comfortable with it and gettingrepparttar 132648 results I have explained. For some peoplerepparttar 132649 pendulum performs better when it just sways and for others it performs better when it circles. Choose whichever you feel comfortable with.

When asking questions, start off by asking these questions: Are you my Subconscious? Are you my Advisor? Are you ready to advise me? Should I work with a pendulum? Am I communicating with a superior intelligence? These questions will build a relationship between you and your Advisor. (Subconscious)

I will now introduce you to your Advisor (Your Subconscious). Unlike your Conscious Self, which is your Awareness. Your Advisor is void of any emotions or sensitivity of your body but takes inrepparttar 132650 same information through your eyes and ears, just as you do. Therefore, your Advisor will always respond with better logic than you do (Conscious self).

Your Advisor is also linked to an intelligence that is beyond our understanding, and from time to time, that intelligence channels information back to our Conscious Self via our Advisor. This information in turn teaches us many things to our advantage.

Even if you don’t communicate with your Advisor, via a pendulum, your Advisor is helping you make decisions minute by minute, every day. That is why we differ from all creatures great and small, we have an Advisor; and they do not.

Before you continue reading, please make surerepparttar 132651 pendulum is performing as I have explained. It is important that you recognizerepparttar 132652 intelligence within your Advisor (subconscious)

SOLVING PROBLEMS We are all computers. As we communicate with each other we program one another. We are all teachers and learners and as we mix with others, we gain our education. As we communicate with each other we learn many things that complement our life style and we gain information, which helps solve our problems. We all have problems and when left unsolved they begin to multiply. Life for us all is full of problems.

Most of us do not know this but our Advisor is there to keep reminding us to solve our problems. When they come up in your thoughts, treat them as urgent and solve them as soon as possible. If you ignore them you will begin to lose control of your life.

Atrepparttar 132653 end of each day make a point of sitting somewhere quiet and think aboutrepparttar 132654 happenings of your day. Go over your day within your thoughts and see if there are any problems to be solved. Your Advisor is your own built in friend and companion. It’s this advice you tap into when you solve problems.



Is civilization against African Culture?

“ She grabbed a new razorblade from my hand, flash me with a handful of finger millet flour and cut me! It was over and I becamerepparttar woman I am “. Recalls Mrs Rhobi Wambura (51) of Tarime district Tanzania one ofrepparttar 132642 loud opposes to he government campaign against female circumcision.

Traditionally, female circumcision (Genital multination) was and is still widely practiced amongrepparttar 132643 African communities, though many government and NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) have launched a thorough campaign againstrepparttar 132644 exercise as inhuman. Some tribe’s hold it completely as an important part of their culture and would never let it go. The African only does not only practice Interestingly, this exercise, but Arabs and evenrepparttar 132645 civilized western countries also exercise it. In western Africa andrepparttar 132646 countries like D’jibout, Somali, Tanzania, Sudan and Kenya here up between 10 – 95 percent women circumcised.

So according to gender activists;repparttar 132647 issue is so serious that it need to be addressed byrepparttar 132648 government concerned in order to eradicate it completely amongrepparttar 132649 people. They consider it an infringement to human rights.

The gender activists and according to new civilization, there are medical ramifications as a result ofrepparttar 132650 practice. -The circumciser lacks medical know who, hence carryingrepparttar 132651 operation under conditions that are not sterile (Going all around without wearing gloves and usingrepparttar 132652 same knife or razorblade) exposesrepparttar 132653 candidates torepparttar 132654 danger of contracting HIV/AIDS. -Sometimesrepparttar 132655 operation results into serious loss of blood, in some cases, leading to death (the corpse is not buried but thrown into a forest at night as a bad women) Sex as sex occupies an important part of lives and it would be wrong for anyone to depriverepparttar 132656 other people of it when some important part ofrepparttar 132657 anatomy is excised during circumcision then, this is denial of human rights.

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