Peace Starts With The Mirror

Written by Darrin F. Coe, MA

If you pay attention torepparttar media, it seems likerepparttar 125985 world is evolving into a violent and psychopathic place. I think deep downrepparttar 125986 majority of people aroundrepparttar 125987 world desire peace. Jawaharlal Nehru once said “Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition ofrepparttar 125988 mind . . . Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.” To be a person of peace and to pursue a life of non-violence a person must first look to themselves. A person must be at peace with themselves before they can be at peace with others and their environment. There are many factors that are involved in establishing peace with yourself. They require some personal effort and responsibility but they pay great dividends. The person who pursues peace can live without fear; for who can question peace? Who can question non-violence? Only those cowards who live in fear resulting in violence and aggression will be offended byrepparttar 125989 peaceful person. What a person most derides may be their greatest fear. Some ofrepparttar 125990 factors involved in establishing peace with yourself are: 1. Engaging in forgiveness of yourself and others. 2. Accepting ultimate responsibility for you actions and circumstances. 3. Pursuingrepparttar 125991 discovery of your personal purpose in life.

The ninth amendment: It's cool!!

Written by Darrin F. Coe, MA

Recently, Colorado passed a law banning participation in “toughperson” fighting competitions. This is wrong and unamerican. I believerepparttar right to engage in consensual violence falls underrepparttar 125984 ninth amendment right to privacy. What makesrepparttar 125985 United States great is choice. Our government was founded on choice. The right to choserepparttar 125986 words I speak;repparttar 125987 right to choserepparttar 125988 way I worship;repparttar 125989 right to assemble peaceable and to question my government; andrepparttar 125990 right to chose to arm or not to arm myself are all part and parcel ofrepparttar 125991 greatness of America. The ninth amendment says, “the enumeration, inrepparttar 125992 Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained byrepparttar 125993 people.” The right to privacy falls under these unenumerated rights. The right to privacy isrepparttar 125994 right to not haverepparttar 125995 government dictate personal behavior. Thus, as long as it does not harm other people, deprive others of property, or engaged in by those who can give consent, our government does not haverepparttar 125996 right to regulate it. I do not believerepparttar 125997 federal government hasrepparttar 125998 constitutional power to regulate who marries who; I do not believerepparttar 125999 government hasrepparttar 126000 right to regulaterepparttar 126001 wearing of seatbelts by adults; I do not believerepparttar 126002 government hasrepparttar 126003 right to regulaterepparttar 126004 wearing of motorcycle helmets; nor do I believerepparttar 126005 government hasrepparttar 126006 right to regulate competitive violence.

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