Peace On Earth

Written by John Cali

Peace On Earth John Cali

Well, it’s become a tradition around here, at this holiday time of year, for us to re-publish a couple of our more popular newsletters from years back. We re-published “Gratitude” last month, and this month we’re re-publishing “Peace On Earth.”

This week, many of our world’s cultures celebrate Christmas. And our thoughts turn to world peace. Or, perhaps, torepparttar lack of it. Joseph’s old message “Peace On Earth” is not only timely in these trying times, but also timeless.

I wish all of you and your loved ones a most blessed and beautiful holiday season. Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, may you find joy and peace in this season of celebration -- a celebration of all life in all its seasons.

Chief Joseph

On your earth plane, you often have “peace meditations.” And yet every individual's definition of peace is different. There are as many definitions and kinds of peace on your planet as there are people walking upon it.

Generally, we are not in favor of peace meditations. Why? Because everyone comes torepparttar 122210 meditation -- or whateverrepparttar 122211 gathering is -- with different, often conflicting, ideas of what peace is. And that defeatsrepparttar 122212 very purpose of your coming together.

However, let us say this: Those who enter into these peace endeavors are coming from a pure heart, from a pure intention. There is certainly no malice in them.

Butrepparttar 122213 only way you can create “peace on earth” is to first create it within yourself. This is a premise many onrepparttar 122214 earth plane have missed.

A New Beginning

Written by John Cali

A New Beginning John Cali

Well, it’s that time of year when many folks aroundrepparttar world are preparing to hailrepparttar 122209 dawn of a new year. This is an exciting time to be alive. I believe 2005 will bring many changes and much growth for all of us.

For most of my life, I faithfully made my annual list of new year’s resolutions in December. And then about mid-January, my list had faded intorepparttar 122210 dark recesses of frustration and forgetfulness.

Sound familiar?

Now I no longer make long lists of new year’s resolutions. I’ve finally kickedrepparttar 122211 habit! Instead, I make short lists of daily resolutions every morning for what I wish to accomplish that day.

Thanks to Joseph, I’ve realized every day is a new beginning, and not just January 1.

Chief Joseph

How often have you yearned for a fresh start in your lives, a new beginning? How often have you told yourselves if only you hadn’t done this or that, you could start anew with no past baggage?

The desire to have a new beginning in your lives is commendable, and we completely understand that. We are not discouraging you from this.

But, for whatever reasons,repparttar 122212 beginning of a new year has taken on a mystique and power for many of you. And so you make your long, often ponderous, lists of new year’s resolutions.

Then, as with John’s experience, you quickly abandon your well-intentioned lists. And you give up and plod ahead without that energy and joy you felt when you were creating your lists.

The reason many give up their new year’s resolutions lists is they’re too much for you to comfortably handle all at once. You overwhelm yourselves.

And so you “throwrepparttar 122213 baby out withrepparttar 122214 bath water,” as your saying goes.

Friends, you need to take a shorter perspective, if you will.

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