Written by Richard Lowe

If you've ever managed or had to deal with more than one computer system, then you've undoubtedly wanted to be able to control one remotely at one time or another. In my job, my staff and I manage about a thousand computer systems (servers and workstations). Our staff is small and busy, and even takingrepparttar time to walk over to a local system can sometimes be a hassle. There is so much to do and no time to do it in.

On top of that, our systems are spread all overrepparttar 107884 country, in a dozen states onrepparttar 107885 east and west coast. There is no possible way we could manage those computers effectively without some kind of help. And if you've ever attempted to talk a user through an operating system installation or a debug session, then you will understand that this just does not work in a corporate environment.

Fortunately, we found one ofrepparttar 107886 most useful products available anywhere at any cost. This little gem is called PcAnywhere, and it is sold by Symantec (the vendor most famous for it's antivirus software).

PcAnywhere allows my staff to "take over" a system, just as if they were sitting atrepparttar 107887 keyboard and staring atrepparttar 107888 monitor. Since PcAnywhere does depend uponrepparttar 107889 operating system, it cannot be used to controlrepparttar 107890 system boot and console, but it can do just about anything else imaginable.

Thus, if a user has an error displayed on his screen, we can connect and see exactly what it says (and often whatrepparttar 107891 user did). This saves countless hours of attempting to piece together what happened based upon a frazzled user's spotty notes ofrepparttar 107892 occurrence, or of running over torepparttar 107893 users machine to see it for ourselves before he did something else.


Written by ilaxi

There are a lot of fun and educational things for children to do onrepparttar Internet. There are also a lot of people and web sites, so you need to be careful about where you do your surfing. Itís a rosy world out there and thereís bubbling excitement to enter into a Chat Room or log on to a Messenger Program and interact with people and E-mail them too. Here are some rules to remember whenever you are online.

# Do not give out any personal information such as address, telephone number,repparttar 107883 name and location of your school, orrepparttar 107884 work address / telephone number of your parents, without permission from your parents

# Do not respond in any way to messages that are mean or that make you feel uncomfortable. Ignorerepparttar 107885 sender and end all communication. It is not your fault if you get a message like that and if you do, tell your parents right away so that they can contactrepparttar 107886 service provider.

# Do not to click on any links that are contained in e-mail from anyone you donít know. Such links could lead to inappropriate web sites

# Tell your parents immediately if you come across any information that makes you feel uncomfortable

# Do not enter contests without asking your parents first

# Always check with your parents before downloading any programs to your computer

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