Pay Off Debt - Get Out Of Debt And Lower Your Monthly Payments

Written by Carrie Reeder

Debt consolidation can be confusing, especially if you have never considered contacting a debt consolidation company before. A debt consolidation company can give you free advice on reducing your monthly payments and show yourepparttar path to becoming debt free. High interest rates andrepparttar 149292 various fees charged by creditors can leaverepparttar 149293 average consumer unable to meet their monthly financial obligations. If you have found yourself overwhelmed by credit card debt and unsecured loan payments, debt consolidation may berepparttar 149294 answer you have been looking for.

The services offered by debt consolidation companies will not eliminate your debt overnight, but they will assist you in lowering your interest rates and monthly payment amounts. Debt consolidation is not an instant cure for your financial problems, but rather a tool that is available to consumers who can no longer affordrepparttar 149295 high payments and high interest rates charged by creditors. Instead of making high monthly payments to your creditors, you can drastically lowerrepparttar 149296 interest rates on your accounts and lower your monthly payments.

If you are currently makingrepparttar 149297 minimum payments on your credit cards and struggling to pay off loans, medical bills, and other unsecured debts, a debt consolidation company can give you a free evaluation of your financial situation and contact your creditors on your behalf to make new arrangements forrepparttar 149298 repayment of your debts. Debt consolidation is not a new loan; it is a re-negotiation ofrepparttar 149299 terms of your original accounts. In utilizingrepparttar 149300 services of a debt consolidation company you can pay off your debts in a much shorter time and pay less money each month.

Rental Property - Refinance, Don't Sell

Written by Steve Gillman

You own a rental property for years, and never seerepparttar "big pay-off." Is it time to cash in on your investment, now that you've paid downrepparttar 149291 mortgage, and values are up? Maybe not.

The Problem With Selling

Selling means you'll have to pay a large capital gains tax. This can be avoided if you reinvest through a 1031 exchange, but thenrepparttar 149292 point is that you want your money, right? Also, a good rental gets more income as rents go up. Do you want to lose this inflation-indexed retirement plan? What'srepparttar 149293 alternative?

Refinancing Rental Property

Have you considered that if you refinance, you can get much of your gain out ofrepparttar 149294 property, without paying a penny in taxes? Borrowing money is not a taxable event. You can take it and spend it however you want, and still keep your rentals.

Let's look at an example. Suppose you have owned a small apartment building for years. You bought it for $240,000, with a downpayment of $40,000, and mortgage payments of $1650 monthly onrepparttar 149295 balance. Now it is worth $400,000, you only owe $120,000, and your cash flow is around $800/month. How do you get at that equity?

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