Pay Attention To Your Customers!

Written by Kevin Nunley

A lot has been written about what makes a good salesperson. Education, experience, training, and even a certain inborn "killer instinct" have all been mentioned as necessary qualities to be good at sales. From my experience, however,repparttar best salespeople arerepparttar 127437 ones who arerepparttar 127438 best "people watchers."

In other words, to be able to sell to your customers, you have to be able to know who they are, what they want, and what they are feeling. All of these can be determined with good research, strong observation skills, and an attentive nature.

Knowing your customers is not just a one-time act -- you want to pay attention to your customers before, during, and afterrepparttar 127439 sale:


You should have a feel for your "ideal" customer before you launch any advertising or marketing campaign. What newspapers, magazines, and e-zines do they read? What topics interest them most? What groups or associations do they belong to?

You can devise a questionnaire to send to your best customers and prospects. Entice them with a free offer or a big discount.

Many actors start developing their character by writing down a long list of words that describerepparttar 127440 character. This helpsrepparttar 127441 actor think deeply aboutrepparttar 127442 part they are going to play.

This strategy works well to help you figure out what kind of people buy often. You likely know far more about your prospects and customers than you realize. This method helps you get a clearer understanding of what you probably already know.


You can save yourself time and energy by paying close attention to your customers duringrepparttar 127443 sales process. One thing you should definitely do is watch for signs thatrepparttar 127444 customer is ready to buy.

The more expensive your product or service,repparttar 127445 more time it takes to sell it. Customers want to know all about how it works and what it can do to make their life or business better. Help them work through this process and you will make more sales.

Here are a few signs customers give you when they are ready to buy.

The customer suddenly speeds uprepparttar 127446 pace. She has decided she wants to buy and is moving with more purpose towardrepparttar 127447 sale.

Some people are justrepparttar 127448 opposite. They slow downrepparttar 127449 pace when they get serious about buying. Rush them and you will loserepparttar 127450 sale.

Three Ways To Boost Sales--NOW!

Written by Kevin Nunley

For many businesses, sales are getting harder and harder to come by. The economy is slowing, consumers are more cautious, and businesses are cutting back. A period of drooping sales can throw a roadblock in front of your plans to earn a profit.

Fortunately, there are some tried-and-true strategies to focus your business and get profits flowing again. Here are three things you can do today to almost certainly get sales jumping.

Write down your USP and promote it.

Your USP is your Unique Selling Position. It'srepparttar one thing you have that your competitors don't. When you promote your USP you get more customers. It makes your business easy to remember. You stand out from allrepparttar 127436 others.

Your USP could be a product or service that people want butrepparttar 127437 others don't sell. It could be something a bit more intangible like friendly service.

One search engine promotion firm I worked with NEVER answered email. Another always replies within hours. There is never any question which will get my business.

Put your Unique Selling Position on your business card, in your newspaper ads, and front and center on your web site.

If everybody in your business keeps their prices a big secret, publish yours right out inrepparttar 127438 open where anyone can examine them (you might be surprised how many of us won't buy if we aren't givenrepparttar 127439 price without having to ask).

If allrepparttar 127440 others haverepparttar 127441 same products, point out how your products are original, one of a kind, first to market.

Flaunt those customer comments!

Nothing sells products and services like good comments from past customers. Prospects believerepparttar 127442 word of a customer long before they'll buy into evenrepparttar 127443 best written ad or most lavish TV commercial.

But how do you get good testimonials, especially if your business is new?

1. Nobody says YOU can't providerepparttar 127444 testimonial. If you have personally usedrepparttar 127445 product you are selling and truly believe it'srepparttar 127446 best thing since sliced bread--put that in a testimonial. Put your own words in quotations.

2. Get someone who is a recognized name in your field to say something good about what you sell. Let them mention their own interest inrepparttar 127447 testimonial. This is why blurbs on book covers go, "Best book I've ever read," Joe Blow, author of How to Get Rich. Joe lends his good opinion as a way to get a mention for HIS book.

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