Pay Attention!

Written by Deborah Willis

One ofrepparttar biggest complaints women have about men is that they just don't listen. This can cause big problems inrepparttar 149809 relationship. Sure, you may hearrepparttar 149810 words, but are you really absorbing what she is saying? It's a serious mistake not to pay attention or take her words seriously and could meanrepparttar 149811 ultimate failure ofrepparttar 149812 relationship if that bad habit continues.

Women don't just talk to hear their own voices. Most times they're trying to get a point across to you. Listen...I mean really listen to what they're telling you. Granted, sometimes it may seem as if she doesn't have anything of real importance to say, and in your opinion, she's just babbling on about nothing. But you'd better listen anyway.

If your mind is wandering or you interrupt her with a comment about something totally unrelated to what she's talking about, she'll feel you simply don't care about her and this can lead to hurt feelings and resentment on her part. Over time, this can seriously damagerepparttar 149813 relationship or cause its demise. You should never dismiss what a woman has to say as trivial or ignore her. Don't just hearrepparttar 149814 words -- absorb them like a sponge.

Sometimes a woman may feelrepparttar 149815 need to vent her feelings if she's upset or frustrated about something in her life. It may or may not have anything to do with you personally, but you are her sounding board. She'll likely ask you later what you think, so you better be paying attention so your answer makes sense and relates torepparttar 149816 subject at hand. If you've been tuning her out, your inattention will likely anger her, cause hurt feelings and resentment, and make her feel unimportant to you.

Show her you're interested in what she has to say. Ask her pertinent questions and listen to her answers. Sympathize with her and show her you understand how she's feeling. To maintain a strong relationship with her, you must be her best friend and allow her to feel free to communicate with you about anything. Women are more verbal than men. She needs to know you care enough about her to listen when she speaks.

Is it Lust or Love?

Written by Deborah Willis

Far too many people, both men and women alike, confuse lust for love. Physical attraction alone will not withstandrepparttar test of time in relationships. Physical attraction is an important factor but must never berepparttar 149808 only factor you rely upon when choosing a mate. Many makerepparttar 149809 mistake of confusing lust and love and end up broken-hearted whenrepparttar 149810 relationship doesn't last.

Perhaps you're wildly attracted to someone and thoughts of that person dominate your mind a good portion ofrepparttar 149811 day and night. Perhaps you can't wait untilrepparttar 149812 next timerepparttar 149813 two of you will be together again. When you are together you can't keep your hands off one another and when you're apart, you fantasize aboutrepparttar 149814 next time you can see one another. True love and lust are easily confused because they are so much alike.

As a rule of thumb, if you share few other interests and have nothing in common other than an overwhelming physical desire for one may be lust. If you have nothing of real value to say to one another and have difficulty relating to one another outsiderepparttar 149815 sexual may be lust. If you don't particularly enjoy one another's company unless you're having may be lust.

Onrepparttar 149816 other hand, if your relationship is based on factors other than physical attraction and sex is not necessarilyrepparttar 149817 number one may be love. Most long-term relationships are built on a strong friendship which turns into love over time. Having sex is notrepparttar 149818 driving force behindrepparttar 149819 relationship, but is a nice sideline to it.

There really is such a thing as "love at first sight". It happens to many people andrepparttar 149820 relationship may last forrepparttar 149821 rest of their lives. A budding relationship based on lust feels muchrepparttar 149822 same as one which is truly "love at first sight". So how do you tellrepparttar 149823 difference?

Ask yourselfrepparttar 149824 following questions. Read each question carefully and really think about it before answering. When answering, try to be as truthful as possible. If you can honestly and sincerely answer "yes" to all or nearly all ofrepparttar 149825 questions, it may be safe to assume what you feel forrepparttar 149826 other person is actually love and not merely lust.

Keep in mind, these questions are quite general and are in no way a total and complete checklist.

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