PayPal Dedication Can Leave Your Business Exposed!

Written by Drew Michael

To many web users, PayPal is notrepparttar kind of pal they had envisioned when starting their online business. Long on track history but overwhelmingly unpopular among merchants and buyers one is left to wonder why PayPal has continued to grow.

Ignorance and lack of knowledge has a lot to do with PayPal's growth. Many merchants are not aware ofrepparttar 144022 potential problems they can encounter depending solely on PayPal for their online payment processing. That is, until they encounter potential customers that won't use PayPal to purchase their products or services. Or worse, they have their PayPal merchant account suspended and funds frozen without notice, effectively shutting down their business.

If you really want to get some idea as torepparttar 144023 depth of PayPal's unpopularity, you need only to do a search on Google. Type in "PayPal Complaints" and click enter and see what happens. Over 335,000 results and still counting. No other online merchant processor comes close to having this many dissatisfied customers.

'Phishing' is another reason many customers and potential customers are steering clear of PayPal. Not that PayPal is doingrepparttar 144024 'Phishing', but they are certainly not making a big enough effort to stop it. And why should they? They are not 'Phishing' and they are not losing money. Onlyrepparttar 144025 customer is. Virtually 100% of online 'Phishing' associated with merchant accounts is done usingrepparttar 144026 PayPal name. And even seasoned web users are being scammed by this technique.

Customers can eliminate most, if not all, ofrepparttar 144027 'Phishing' associated with online purchasing by simply using a different service. It is that simple! And there are plenty of good alternatives to PayPal out there that are hungry for your business. None are as big as PayPal and few have been around as long as PayPal. But they are reputable and offer a wide variety of services. And you most likely will never receive any 'Phishing' messages using their names.

So makerepparttar 144028 change now, before it is too late. Our advice is to avoid PayPal if at all possible. And we also would advise you to offer two different online payment options, with at least one providing you withrepparttar 144029 ability to accept payments by check.

Following, you will findrepparttar 144030 most complete listing relating to online payment options. Brief outlines are meant only to give you an idea of what they have to offer. We would suggest takingrepparttar 144031 time to visit each site. Your customers will thank you. And you will most likely eliminate a lot of headaches inrepparttar 144032 process.

2CheckOut 2CheckOut has been offering its services since 1999. 2CheckOut charges $49.00 to open an account with transaction fees of 5.5% plus 45 cents. It does not charge an application fee nor does it impose any monthly or statement fees.

BidPay BidPay has been in business since 1999 and offers services intended for those that buy and sell at online auctions. Sellers receive payments directly to their bank or via Western Union® branded money orders.

BitPass No set-up or maintenance fees for self-installed product. Fees for BitPass Professional range from 15% for items priced $0.01-$5.00 up to 5% + $0.50 for items priced $5.00 and higher. BitPass provides a platform for digital content commerce that bundles authentication, payment, and access control. BitPass enables a la carte and subscription-based purchases at any price point, starting at just one cent. Digital content can be Downloads - Music files, stock photography, games, software, movies, mobile content, crafts; Website Access - Premium website content, Interactive games, subscription sites, online comics, blogs, interactive panoramic photography; Streaming Media - internet radio, concerts, webisodes, movies; and Services - premium database searches, web hosting services, webinars, premium customer support, interactive learning and testing.

CCNow CCNow isrepparttar 144033 perfect low cost solution to selling your products online. With CCNow, you'll avoidrepparttar 144034 up-front expense and time required to set up e-commerce software, merchant accounts, customer service and more. CCNow is a shopping cart system that will allow you to take all major credit cards withoutrepparttar 144035 need of a merchant account.

ClickBank If you have a unique product or service to sell, and it is deliverable overrepparttar 144036 Internet itself (via web pages, files, or email) then ClickBank is for you. They have 100,000 affiliates ready to promote your product. There is a one-time set-up fee of $50.00. Transactions are $1.00 plus 7.5%.

DigiBuy Using DigiBuy's ecommerce service, you can quickly and inexpensively build a secure shopping cart to merchandise your products, take orders online, process payments, and distribute digital products overrepparttar 144037 Internet. Transaction fee is 13.9% with a $3.00 minimum.

Ibill In business since 2002, Ibill is perfect for merchants that sell services and subscriptions. Merchants can accept payments online by credit card, check, and phone. Has numerous fee schedules butrepparttar 144038 most common is for businesses that sell up to $9,999.00 in a billing cycle. That charge is 15.19%.

Ikobo This is a money transfer service that has been providing services since 2001. No application fee or set-up fees and transaction fees range from $1.99 - $2.99 plus 29 cents. Payments that are received are deposited to your Ikobo Visa Debit Card or your bank account.

Moneybookers Ltd. Moneybookers enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online – in real-time! Moneybookers delivers a product ideally suited for small businesses, online merchants, individuals and others currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms. Does not charge for set-up or applying and has no monthly fee. Transaction fees range from 2% - 8%, depending on how payments are made.

MonPay Monpay has been doing business since 2003. With it, you can sell products and services on web sites, auctions, and even by email. It does not charge for set-up or applying and has no monthly or hidden fees. Transaction fees for checks or credit cards are 2.95% plus 55 cents.

Advertising Revenue

Written by Murray Hughes

Advertising Revenue - Making Money With Adsense

Advertising revenue and Google Adsense go hand-in-hand.

The Internet has regained a lot of credibility since its fall from grace atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 143978 90’s.

This means more businesses are spending more money to get customers viarepparttar 143979 Internet. And it’s possible for you to cash in on those millions of dollars.

Google has an advertising program, involving four parties: 1.Google 2.Customers paying forrepparttar 143980 ads – throughrepparttar 143981 Adwords program 3.Visitors clicking onrepparttar 143982 ads – on search engine results pages and websites 4.Website owners runningrepparttar 143983 ads on their websites – throughrepparttar 143984 Adsense program. These arerepparttar 143985 people making money from ad revenue.

For an example, look no further thanrepparttar 143986 page you are on atrepparttar 143987 moment. Notice downrepparttar 143988 right hand side ofrepparttar 143989 page and also inrepparttar 143990 top left of this article there are groups of ‘Ads by Google’ (if can’t see them its because either you are not inrepparttar 143991 US or not reading this article on my website).

Google has developed technology that automatically senses whatrepparttar 143992 theme ofrepparttar 143993 page is and then displays ads that are suited torepparttar 143994 theme. This wayrepparttar 143995 visitor will see advertisements likely to be of interest.

The Adwords customer (the advertiser trying to sell a product or service etc using these ads) is billed every time a visitor clicks. The amount depends onrepparttar 143996 cost ofrepparttar 143997 ad, which is basically determined by advertising demand.

Revenue from that billing is split between Google andrepparttar 143998 owner ofrepparttar 143999 website whererepparttar 144000 visitor clicked. Ifrepparttar 144001 ad costsrepparttar 144002 advertiser 50 cents per click, Google gets 25 cents andrepparttar 144003 website owner runningrepparttar 144004 ads gets 25 cents.

If you were to click one ofrepparttar 144005 Adsense ads you see on this page I’d get 50%.

Google Adsense is notrepparttar 144006 only program you can use to place ads on your site. Companies like Searchfeed offer similar programs but Adsense is whererepparttar 144007 money is.

There are a few key elements to successfully earning revenue from Google Adsense: •Create website pages to rank well inrepparttar 144008 search engines. No visitors =no clicks=no revenue •Strategically position your Adsense ads to attractrepparttar 144009 most clicks. •Target keywords that have a high click price, thereby earning more per click. •Make surerepparttar 144010 words you target have enough searches per month to be worthrepparttar 144011 effort of creating a webpage. •Make your site a valuable resource so visitors return.

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