Pay-Per-Clicks . . . One Way to Boost Traffic to Your Web Site

Written by Robin Nobles

One ofrepparttar ways to boost traffic to your Web site is by purchasing keywords from one ofrepparttar 127907 pay-per-click search engines or directories.

But with literally hundreds of choices, how do you pickrepparttar 127908 pay- per-click engine withrepparttar 127909 best visibility that hasrepparttar 127910 potential of giving you a higher return on your investment?

And, just as important, what are some strategies for working withrepparttar 127911 pay-per-click engines, and how do they operate?

How do Pay-Per-Click Engines Operate?

With pay-per-click engines, you bid on keywords that describe your business, your products, or your target audience. Then, you’re charged your bid price every time someone clicks on your ad, which is displayed when a searcher types inrepparttar 127912 keyword you’ve chosen intorepparttar 127913 search box at an engine. Whoever is willing to payrepparttar 127914 most forrepparttar 127915 keyword or keyword phrase will be atrepparttar 127916 top ofrepparttar 127917 rankings.

There are many benefits to working with pay engines, which we’ll cover in this article.

Important Pay-Per-Click Engines and Directories


Overture is certainlyrepparttar 127918 pay-per-click engine that most people recognize. It’s also one ofrepparttar 127919 most expensive and competitive.

However,repparttar 127920 visibility of Overture is impressive, to sayrepparttar 127921 least. It providesrepparttar 127922 top two or three results to “big boy” search engines and directories like Yahoo!, Lycos, HotBot, and MSN Search. In fact, Overture claims to reach 80% of all Internet users.

Overture listings are generally found atrepparttar 127923 top ofrepparttar 127924 regular search results in an area called “Sponsored” results or sites.

Overture’s pay-per-clicks operate under one premise: whoever hasrepparttar 127925 deepest pockets and is willing to payrepparttar 127926 most gets on top.

The minimum bid is $.10, and there’s a minimum charge of $20 per month. A $50 initial deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to click throughs or torepparttar 127927 minimum monthly spend. When your account is depleted, they’ll contact you to see if you want to add additional funds to your budget.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords have fast become extremely important inrepparttar 127928 pay- per-click arena, with results being shown at search engines like Google, AOL Search, Ask Jeeves, and Teoma.

Google AdWords operates differently than Overture in a number of ways. Your click-through rate and cost per click together determine where your ads are shown, so better ads rise torepparttar 127929 top. That means no one can lock you out ofrepparttar 127930 top position.

Google AdWords are shown onrepparttar 127931 right-hand side of regular search results in a pink shaded area called “Sponsored Links.”

Because your click through rate has an influence onrepparttar 127932 placement of your AdWords ad, your ad’s title and description must be captivating and designed to pull in traffic.

With Google AdWords, there’s a $5 activation fee, andrepparttar 127933 minimum bid amount is $.05. You decide onrepparttar 127934 maximum cost per click that you’re willing to pay and set your daily budget. You don’t have to spend a certain amount per month, and you only pay for clicks you actually receive.


Another popular pay-per-click engine that is generally much less expensive than Overture is FindWhat.

With FindWhat, whoever bidsrepparttar 127935 most gets on top. The minimum bid is $.05, and they require a $25 minimum amount to open an account.

FindWhat provides results to 200 different partners, including many ofrepparttar 127936 big meta engines like Dogpile.

Lycos InSite AdBuyer

A fairly new pay-per-click program that’s displayed on both Lycos and HotBot is Lycos InSite AdBuyer.

Again, it operates similarly torepparttar 127937 way that Overture and FindWhat operate, withrepparttar 127938 top results being those who bidrepparttar 127939 most for their target keywords.

The minimum bid is $.05 with a $50 minimum to open an account.


LookSmart is a pay-per-click directory where you pay a flat $.l5 per click through. It claims to reach 77% ofrepparttar 127940 Internet users throughrepparttar 127941 partners that display LookSmart results.

Some of those partners include MSN Search,, Netscape, and AltaVista.

With LookSmart, you don’t bid for listings. Everyone pays a flat $.15 per click through, and your ranking is determined by how relevant your site is torepparttar 127942 search term, according to LookSmart’s ranking criteria. To get started with a LookSmart listing,repparttar 127943 initial investment is $29.

Other Pay-Per-Click Engines

This comprehensive site lists over 500 different pay-per-click search engines and offers individual reviews on many of them.

10 Ways to Exceed Your Client's Expectations Every Time!

Written by John Alexander

The following tips are just a few ofrepparttar things I do as examples of setting my service apart fromrepparttar 127906 crowd. In general,repparttar 127907 weakest areas inrepparttar 127908 Internet Marketing and Web Development business, are "Customer Communications" and "Customer Service.” Set your effort towards learning to deliver "excellence" in both customer service and communication, and you'll have distinct advantages over many other competitors. These tips are based onrepparttar 127909 tried and true method of "under promising and over delivering."

1. Manage expectations on initial Search Engine placement:

Do NOT tell your prospect that you will get their web site placing inrepparttar 127910 top 10 search results right away. Don't guarantee that you you'll get them thousands of visitors right away. I tell my prospects that I will do my best to position them withinrepparttar 127911 top 30 search results initially. As you know, in this business there are no absolute guarantees, but even if you can often position a client withinrepparttar 127912 top 10 search results on at least a few ofrepparttar 127913 Majors right away, think about what you say before you say it.

People are tired of hearing a lot hype. Many firms makerepparttar 127914 mistake of pedaling a lot of trumped up claims, even before they learn and understand a prospects business. With so many people out there, who will promiserepparttar 127915 world to get a sale, a little realism goes a long way to establishing your credibility. Setting a client's expectations low initially, only enhancesrepparttar 127916 effect of achieving a high-ranking result. Why not initially tell your client something that is EASY to believe.

I like to teachrepparttar 127917 client to expect top placement over a period of 3 to 6 months. It's much easier for them to believe and for each time you immediately place withinrepparttar 127918 top 10 quickly,repparttar 127919 client has another exciting surprise! Learn to under promise and really over deliver every time! Focus on educating your clients and teaching them truths that others only gloss over (or are not aware of themselves).

2. Blow away old misconceptions

While some web firms talk aboutrepparttar 127920 huge volume of "Hits" to their customers sites, I teach my prospects very early, that "hits" are irrelevant. Hits are notrepparttar 127921 best means of determining site activity. A hit is NOT a visitor. A hit can be any action fromrepparttar 127922 server. For example a page that displays 1 image, 10 buttons, 1 logo and plays music inrepparttar 127923 background, might generate up to 14 hits for every visitor torepparttar 127924 site. This is best explained by showingrepparttar 127925 client an activity report and pointing outrepparttar 127926 difference between hits (any action fromrepparttar 127927 server) and User Sessions (actual visitors). Eliminating any ofrepparttar 127928 common misconceptions about traffic right fromrepparttar 127929 start, will serve you well in a marketplace where others are selling nothing more than hype. Set yourself apart fromrepparttar 127930 rest. Instead of letting customers believe old ideas, educate them and help your customer to grasp how things work.

3. Teach your client aboutrepparttar 127931 time required for initial indexing:

I tell my client not to expect much site activity right away. I like to prepare them forrepparttar 127932 time it takes robots to visit their site forrepparttar 127933 first time. Once again, this a great opportunity to set your client's expectation a little lower. If we give them an expectation of waiting approximately 6 weeks after registration, before traffic commences, we know that some search engines will probably begin to visit in 3 to 5 weeks. Indeed a few may occasionally even visit within just 48 hours fromrepparttar 127934 time you register. However, creating an expectation of 6 to 8 weeks allows you to out-perform yourself every time. If you really must exaggerate...then under promise and over deliver.

Success Principle: Teach your client'srepparttar 127935 truth and learn to manage your client's expectations. If you deliver above average results and communicate well, you will have a client for a lifetime.

4. Tip on Mass Search Engine Registration:

Have you been telling your client about how you are going to register them with 250 search engines for free? This is an old out dated approach but you may be surprised at how many competitors will be sayingrepparttar 127936 very same thing (because literally anyone can buy auto submission software).

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