Pattaya Beach [Thailand] Dawn Freak Show - Pattaya Beach at sunrise is a great place for 'people watching'

Written by Tony Wells

I call itrepparttar Pattaya Beach 'Dawn Freak Show!'

If you’ve even been to Thailand, specifically Pattaya Beach, you will already know there’s an unlimited variety of sights and sounds to experience there. If you enjoy just relaxing and doing some serious ‘people watching’, then without a doubt, this isrepparttar 118260 place for you! Let me tell you now, if you can imagine it, you can find it here.

Once I was on a submarine cable laying job in Thailand. Our company was laying a sub sea [that’s underwater.. for you folks that really needrepparttar 118261 basics] fiber optics cable that was to link up most ofrepparttar 118262 Southeast Asian countries withrepparttar 118263 USA and Europe. Well, it was a hell of a job cause they had me put up in a fairly nice hotel right there onrepparttar 118264 main strip in Pattaya Beach. Hell of a job and hell of an assignment. LOL. Heck.. my employer didn’t know it atrepparttar 118265 time but even if they would have cut my pay to HALF of what my current day rate was – I wouldn’t have left that job for anything.

If any of you readers out there that have hadrepparttar 118266 pleasure to visit Pattaya beach you will fully understand where I’m coming from here. For those of you who have never been to Pattaya beach.. well.. all I can say is there’s no shortage of beautiful almond eyed ladies and bars there! I don’t even think it’s possible to count allrepparttar 118267 bars there.. every type imaginable that also comes with every type of lady imaginable also.

It’s just to hard for me to explain what exactly what Pattaya beach is all about but one thing is for sure – a single male can have a hell-of-a-good time there! There’s no denying that at all. If you’re an able bodied male.. and you can’t get a girl at Pattaya beach.. god have mercy on your soul. That’s about all I can say for your sorry ass. LOL

Back to my main topic now.. so.. on this sub sea cable laying job, sometimes I had to catch a boat out torepparttar 118268 barge [which was anchored about a few miles offshore there in Pattaya bay]. On those mornings I would have to go down torepparttar 118269 little bar onrepparttar 118270 main strip and wait forrepparttar 118271 boat to come fetch me. This bar is calledrepparttar 118272 Marine Bar and it’s located right onrepparttar 118273 main strip. Yup..repparttar 118274 Marine Bar was named afterrepparttar 118275 good-ole US Marines! cause duringrepparttar 118276 Vietnam war era days they used to all go to Pattaya beach for some good ole R&R [Rest & Recreation].

I would arrive atrepparttar 118277 Marine Bar about 5:30 am and wait for my pick-up boat while watchingrepparttar 118278 sun rise. I’ve always had a favorite pass time of people watching.. and let me tell you.. I had no ideal that people watching at sunrise on Pattaya Beach could bring an entire new meaning torepparttar 118279 word! This brought me to an entirely different level! Incredible… I noticed several different types of people there and I classified them into several different crazy groups. Such as…

The All-Nighter’s (aka: Vampire Guys)

These guys are very easy to spot cause they usually arerepparttar 118280 most loud and noticeable ofrepparttar 118281 groups. These guys arerepparttar 118282 one’s who have been up partying all night long and are still going strong at it… maybe it’s because ofrepparttar 118283 drugs they took earlier that night.. who knows how they can do it. Oh.. they’re good at partying and they do it every night torepparttar 118284 maximum. They sleep only around 10 or 11am and then wake up again around 6 or 7pm to do it all over again!

Most of these guys are here in Pattaya on a short vacation and they’re here for one reason and one reason only – to PARTY.. and I mean, PARTY HARD! They’ve been working all year for this short 2 week vacation and they fully intend on packing in at least a years worth of missed partying during their stay here. They only go back to their hotel and pass out when their body is begging for mercy and to get their batteries recharged for a few hours. As soon as they wake up, it’s, “Whatrepparttar 118285 f**k are we doing sleeping.. LET’S GO PARTY AGAIN!!”

Letters from North America

Written by Peary Perry

I tend to think of this weekly column as carrying a certain amount of responsibility to keep you,repparttar loyal reader informed of certain points of interest as they become available, no matter where inrepparttar 118259 world they occur. To me, it’s a sacred trust and one that I do not take lightly. It’s a heavy burden to voluntarily place upon one’s self, this universal omnibudsman role forrepparttar 118260 benefit of those unfortunates in our country who might otherwise remain inrepparttar 118261 dark about vital information that certainly affects each and every one of us. A case in point is this one which I happened to stumble upon while conducting my weekly research for your enlightenment.

The University of Georgia has just completed a long and through study which shows conclusively that rats exposed to marijuana lose their sense of perception. Yes, these dedicated scientists, working feverishly, working long and arduous hours in cramped conditions have proved once and for all that when rats are exposed to an injection of synthetic marijuana they become (are you ready for this?) DOPEY.

This experiment was conducted inrepparttar 118262 strictest of environments by using two different sounds. Ifrepparttar 118263 short sound was heard,repparttar 118264 rats had to pressrepparttar 118265 lever onrepparttar 118266 right to receive a pellet of food. Ifrepparttar 118267 long sound was heard by our furry inmates, they soon learned to pressrepparttar 118268 lever onrepparttar 118269 left. Short sound, right lever. Long sound, left lever. Got it? Good. You can be assured you would have been fed. The rats did fine under this arrangement.

And then, guess what? Yes, dear readerrepparttar 118270 good old US Government stepped in and authorized a study to find out ifrepparttar 118271 behavior of these little animals would be altered in any way if they were stoned. And what do you think they found?

That’s right boys and girls. The little mice just went bonkers and didn’t care at all about which lever they pressed whenrepparttar 118272 horns went off. Except when they gotrepparttar 118273 munchies. Can you imagine that? They pressedrepparttar 118274 right lever whenrepparttar 118275 long sound was made andrepparttar 118276 left lever whenrepparttar 118277 short sound was made. Isn’t thatrepparttar 118278 most amazing thing you’ve ever heard? Once they were smashed out of their little gourds they didn’t care if they ate or not. They got confused. Happy, but confused, nevertheless.

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