Patio Makeovers

Written by Malcolm Kay

Without a doubt, patios have now become more of an integral part ofrepparttar house rather than just a concrete pad sitting forlornly inrepparttar 145230 back yard. But as patios are increasingly used for outdoor dining, BBQs or just a place to relax and enjoyrepparttar 145231 outdoors, that old, dull and maybe cracked concrete pad is most likely in desperate need of a bold makeover to meetrepparttar 145232 changing requirements.

A number of options are possible for transforming existing concrete pads, depending onrepparttar 145233 state ofrepparttar 145234 concrete and individual preferences. Existing concrete can be stained, given a textured coating or a stenciled tile pattern applied. Traditional tiles are available in a multitude of colours and styles and a variety of natural stone products such as sandstone, limestone, slate or granite could be considered. Another option is to use new or reclaimed bricks or clay pavers.

Perhaps one ofrepparttar 145235 simplest, most cost effective and attractive options however, is to lay down modular wood deck tiles. These tiles are typically available as 12 x 12 squares and are easily installed by just clickingrepparttar 145236 modules into place. The tiles have special plastic tabs built in torepparttar 145237 base which keeps them firmly in place and avoidsrepparttar 145238 need for any particular surface preparation, adhesives or other fixings. A typical patio area can be fully laid in just an hour or so and is ready to use immediately. Some manufacturers produce tiles in a variety of different designs, so it is possible to create borders, centerpieces, feature areas etc. to suit your individual preference.

Makeover magic How to remodel your deck or patio in less than a day

Written by Malcolm Kay

Of allrepparttar numerous home improvement projects which can be undertaken aroundrepparttar 145229 home, remodeling or enhancing exterior decking or patios has to be one ofrepparttar 145230 most effective ways to accomplish a really noticeable difference torepparttar 145231 look of your home. An attractive outdoor area can increase your outdoor living space, transform your garden and completely changerepparttar 145232 way you use and enjoy your home.

Wood decking has long beenrepparttar 145233 premier choice for exterior relaxing or entertaining area but many of us just have a dull concrete pad and can only just yearn forrepparttar 145234 classic look of a solid wood deck.

But theres now a solution which providesrepparttar 145235 luxury look of solid wood deck, can be quickly and easily installed in just a few hours, yet costs only fraction ofrepparttar 145236 cost of a custom made wood deck interlocking wood deck tiles.

These tiles are typically manufactured usingrepparttar 145237 same high durability lumber species as traditional decks and can be laid over any solid level surface. The result is a deck surface that has allrepparttar 145238 appearance and benefits of solid wood deck but can be installed by anyone in just an hour or so, with no building or carpentry experience and needs no nails, screws, adhesives etc. The tiles just click together for a perfect fit, accurate alignment and a secure and stable surface.(see for example

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