Patio Awnings

Written by Garry John

In these days of climate change,repparttar UK summer is believe or not, getting warmer and sunnier. Whilst this gives us opportunity to enjoy more time inrepparttar 139755 garden and sitting onrepparttar 139756 patio. It also means we need to take measures to protect againstrepparttar 139757 sun's harmful rays. This is where a patio awning comes in.

Many properties have french windows or patio doors leading ontorepparttar 139758 patio or decking area ofrepparttar 139759 garden. This area has been much under used and folks do not realiserepparttar 139760 benefits from having an awning attached aboverepparttar 139761 french doors andrepparttar 139762 extra dimension this will give. It is like having another living room. Withrepparttar 139763 shelterrepparttar 139764 awning provides,repparttar 139765 patio can be used regardless ofrepparttar 139766 prevailing weather conditions.

As previously discussed,repparttar 139767 patio awning will provide protection fromrepparttar 139768 harmful ultra voilet rays, which is a major concern in modern times. In addition,repparttar 139769 awning will obviously protect from summer rain as well, which means you will not have to keeping dodgingrepparttar 139770 showers and moving furniture in and out. Asrepparttar 139771 furniture is protected from sun and rain,repparttar 139772 awning will help stoprepparttar 139773 elements damagingrepparttar 139774 furniture.

Aluminium And Wooden Greenhouses

Written by Garry John

An important addition to any British back garden, greenhouses are firmly established inrepparttar British way of life. It's probablyrepparttar 139629 inclement weather that drivesrepparttar 139630 british gardener 'inside'. If you are visiting this site then you are probably thinking about obtaining a new greenhouse. It is possible you don't knowrepparttar 139631 type of greenhouse you need or even how to decide onrepparttar 139632 type of greenhouse. Greenhouse design was revolutionised withrepparttar 139633 arrival of aluminium frames andrepparttar 139634 scarcity of pine. This article takes a brief look atrepparttar 139635 differences between metal and wooden greenhouses.

Wooden Greenhouses

Wooden Greenhouses arerepparttar 139636 choice forrepparttar 139637 traditionalist andrepparttar 139638 expert gardener. They are commonly made from Canadian Western Red Cedar, which is renowned for it's exceptional long life outdoors as a result of it's effective rot resistance. Wooden greenhouses arerepparttar 139639 traditional style of greenhouse beforerepparttar 139640 aluminium greenhouses and plastic greenhouses became more popular towardsrepparttar 139641 end ofrepparttar 139642 last century.

A timber greenhouse will obviously blend in naturally with your garden and will become an integral feature rather than something of an eyesore which you wish to hide away. Timber is alsorepparttar 139643 choice ofrepparttar 139644 expert gardener and it is generally agreed that it isrepparttar 139645 best material for a greenhouse. One ofrepparttar 139646 main reasons is thatrepparttar 139647 red cedar greenhouses are much better at maintaining a constant temperature than aluminium ones, which obviously leads to a healthier and more natural environment. An experienced gardener will knowrepparttar 139648 benefit of having things to hand and a wooden frame will allowrepparttar 139649 gardener to easily fix hooks and shelves exactly where he wants them, so those all important greenhouse accessories are to hand. The wooden frame also makes it easier to fix an extra layer of insulation of plastic bubble sheeting, such severe weather conditions prevail.

The best time to add a protective coat to a timber frame is before winter sets in. Choose a good day inrepparttar 139650 late autumn and giverepparttar 139651 frame any attention it needs. Look for any wear and tear and treat it immediately. Most good timber frames come with a ten year gaurantee, but don't wait for 10 years before checking.

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