Patience, The Missing Ingredient To Success

Written by Jenean Matthews

Patience, The Missing Ingredient To Success By Jenean Matthews

Somewhere online someone gave outrepparttar impression that because we can click on a link and be transported to a site in an instant, that starting an online business would berepparttar 117824 same way. Unfortunately, starting an online business, or any business, does not move as fast as DSL. It takes time.

If you were to bake a cake from scratch, you wouldn't expect to mix allrepparttar 117825 ingredients together, putrepparttar 117826 cake inrepparttar 117827 oven and 30 seconds later take it out and presto, it is done. It takes time.

NEWSFLASH: Time is not a four-letter word.

Most things that you have accomplished in life have taken time. It took time for you to learn how to walk, talk, and eat by yourself. It took time to get through school and get a J.O.B. It's going to take some time to get your business going. If you haven't arrived at success yet, it's ok.

I've read a lot ofrepparttar 117828 articles, books and tips on starting an online business. I've put most of them to use in my business. Those strategies make up most ofrepparttar 117829 ingredients to your online success. You submitted your site torepparttar 117830 search engines, submitted to FFAs for link popularity, placed free and paid classified ads, used banner ads and other suggestions offered. These ingredients to your success should be used on a consistent and persistent basis. But if you leave out patience your success is liable to come out flat.

What does patient really mean. One ofrepparttar 117831 definitions of patient inrepparttar 117832 dictionary is one who is capable of bearing delay and waiting forrepparttar 117833 right moment. Noticerepparttar 117834 definition says there is a delay. Success will happen it's just delayed. Why is it delayed, it's waiting forrepparttar 117835 right moment.

In The Beginning...

Written by Jenean Matthews

In The Beginning… By Jenean Matthews

Inrepparttar beginning there was a thought. You had an idea that you would start your own business, be your own boss and take charge of your own life. At that time you should have writtenrepparttar 117823 purpose ofrepparttar 117824 business and how you were going to fulfill this purpose. Don’t lose sight of it.

The internet is constantly changing and evolving. Your goals and strategies may change but your purpose, repparttar 117825 reason you do what you do, should not change.

My purpose is to offer high-quality, low-cost vitamins and herbs to people so that they can enjoy a good and healthy life. That purpose has not changed but many of my goals to accomplishrepparttar 117826 purpose have. If you don't change your approach withrepparttar 117827 changing ofrepparttar 117828 internet you will be lost.

For example, part of my daily goals was to submit to FFAs. Beforerepparttar 117829 emergence ofrepparttar 117830 auto submitters that was a worthwhile daily goal. Now a site will be bumped from repparttar 117831 FFA listing in a matter of minutes and you will be bombarded with confirmation emails. Some say submitting to FFAs helps with site popularity inrepparttar 117832 search engines. I agree, but I no longer submit to them daily. It usually is done on a weekly basis now.

Another change is I have developed a newsletter. This was not part of my original goals. I like to reach out to a specific client base and give them information andrepparttar 117833 tools necessary to make an informative choice about their health. Before I statedrepparttar 117834 newsletter I had to review my purpose and see if it lined up with it. You must always keep site of your purpose.

The purpose, your beginning idea, was so powerful it caused you to take action. This action, a calculated risk, has now become a large and important part of your life. It's a good idea to post your purpose on your computer. It will help you make wise business decisions. It will keep you focused. It will stop you from accepting get rich offers. Your purpose will guide you inrepparttar 117835 right direction.

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