Patchwork Quilters with Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Written by Kaye Rue

I am a novice quilter, I was almost ready to give up quilting, even though I enjoyed it so much, because I was becoming so annoyed with myself. It seemed every 2nd cut I made on my fabric was crooked, because I couldn't keeprepparttar ruler perfectly still. One day recently, my husband was sitting across from me whilst I attempted to make a cut on a piece of expensive fabric. I'd only purchased just enough for what I was doing. The ruler slipped, again. Seeing my expression, and being thoughtful, he asked me that fateful question "Surely there's something you can buy to keeprepparttar 138143 ruler from slipping?". When I told him

Displaying Posters

Written by Rosana Hart

How many ways can you display posters? Withrepparttar easy availability of thousands of inexpensive posters online, you can turn any house or apartment into a unique art gallery!

Sure, a poster can be hung on a wall, or attached to it with tacks or tape. But often a more interesting look comes from placing a grouping of posters onrepparttar 138038 same wall. They don't have to be inrepparttar 138039 same colors or aboutrepparttar 138040 same subject. Just let them reflect what you like. Then get a balance among them, by arranging them in different ways and with different amounts of spaces between them. Paying attention torepparttar 138041 blank spaces helps get that sense of balance. Soon you will find an arrangement that makes you say, "Aha! That's it!" Once a grouping is up onrepparttar 138042 wall, you can still change it any time you get a feeling that you want to add another poster or to rearrangerepparttar 138043 ones you have.

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