"Passion or Weakness?"

Written by Kathy Stone

“Passion Or Weakness?” By Kathy Stone

O.K., I did it. I usedrepparttar internet too much at work and lost my job over it. In my exit interview, when they told me they would have to terminate me – I feebly replied “It’s a weakness.” Oh, how I could have kicked myself driving home. When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?

I think this isrepparttar 117784 best thing that has happened to me, it gives me time to think – re-evaluate my life. Don’t risk your job like I did, though. I was burnt out and not thinking straight and obviously violated company policy. This article may possibly help you get a grip and save your job.

You’d think I would be worried about coming home and telling my husband and daughter about losing my job – instead, all I could think was, it’s not a weakness – it’s my PASSION.

I had been with this company for almost 15 years, but I just never seemed to fit in. I was making good money, but there was a price to pay for that I guess I just chose not to deliver on. When 5:00 hit, I was going HOME - I had a job to do there.

I kept a saying underneath my adding machine that read: “The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy” (by Malcombe S. Forbes)

I tried to work on my internet business inrepparttar 117785 evenings and on weekends, but I’m not as disciplined as you guys,repparttar 117786 evenings are nothing but dinner, some laundry, housework, homework, etc…Andrepparttar 117787 weekends, forget it, too much catching up to do, and then before you know it, it’s Monday. Back torepparttar 117788 “rat race”.

Killer Secrets on Developing Your Own Web Portal

Written by Brian Su

As hundreds of dotcom companies ended up shutting down, more net entrepreneurs are also looking for new opportunities. In this short article, I’ll share my personal experience and knowledge with you on how to minimize your risk in order to build a successful and profitable Internet portal onrepparttar World Wide Web.

1. First of all, determine your area of interest and a niche market that has potentials. Choose an area that would utilize your existing resources, knowledge and expertise.

2. Research and study scope of your market. If you serve both domestic and international markets, your will have a stronger chance for survive. If you only serve domestic, find out what services would make your business more competitive.

3. Clarifyrepparttar 117783 scope of your business and ask questions before opening your checkbook. Do you have efficient resources available to build a B2B or B2C portal fromrepparttar 117784 scratch? Do you need to leverage current website, customers and sales staff to produce additional revenue? Do you want to do all IT functions in house or should you out source? Do you have a sufficient revenue-generating model? If you are running a one-person operation, do you have enough time and technical skills?

4. Identify your clientele and need to come up with some unique ways to attract your customers and keep them coming back. Remember, content is king!

5. You are running a portal for profits. Identify and develop some solid revenue models. Inrepparttar 117785 past, it has been proven that banner advertising model and transaction model may not be as effective as expected.

6. Identify effective marketing and partnership strategy in order to establish a strong Internet presence. Much failure of startups occurred due to lack of step-by-step strategy and long term plan on growing business. Much just hope someone will buy out their site and make money quick. So how to differentiate your portal from others is your vital task from day one. There are hundreds of portals onrepparttar 117786 B2B and B2C fields. It is very critical to think about what makes your portal stand out from others in this competitive market.

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