Passing The Torch

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

First, there wererepparttar baby boomers who came of age inrepparttar 132245 60s when no one over 30 was to be trusted,repparttar 132246 establishment wasrepparttar 132247 enemy, and peaceful revolution wasrepparttar 132248 general goal. Then camerepparttar 132249 80s,repparttar 132250 "Me Decade" when disco was king, Wall Street was rocked byrepparttar 132251 machinations of Ivan Boesky and Barry Minkow.

The ideals ofrepparttar 132252 60s and 70s died withrepparttar 132253 murder of John Lennon,repparttar 132254 hell of My Lai,repparttar 132255 killing fields of Cambodia, and "Midnight Express." Royal marriages unraveled, Middle East violence was only intermittently stilled, andrepparttar 132256 drug warlords of Colombia took overrepparttar 132257 streets of U.S. inner cities. Generation X moved torepparttar 132258 forefront, fighting wars in Bosnia, Kuwait, and Somalia that were acceptable only because of their dissimilarity torepparttar 132259 mire and mayhem of Vietnam.

Who will first engrave their generation's stamp onrepparttar 132260 Twenty-first Century? Generation X is still young but already assimilated intorepparttar 132261 broader American culture. Will it berepparttar 132262 young right-wing born-agains with their willingness to condone murder and punish women in their goal to give life to unplanned and unwanted fetuses in a world where overpopulation isrepparttar 132263 root cause of so many evils: famine, pestilence, war, genocide? Will it berepparttar 132264 clean cut, patriotic military reservists and guardsmen who despoiledrepparttar 132265 entire American culture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo?

It has been 15 years since presidential candidate Bush spoke of a kinder, gentler, world. It has been 30 years since President Jimmy Carter tried to coolrepparttar 132266 Middle East through logic, compromise and good faith. It has been 40 years since we sang "Let's give Peace a chance." It has been 5 years since we all thought that decapitation with a sword had died withrepparttar 132267 middle ages.

Inrepparttar 132268 most recent past, there have been explosions in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, murdering and mutilating thousands. 800,000 individuals were hacked to death in Rwanda within 10 days, whilerepparttar 132269 world watched and waited. Inrepparttar 132270 Sudan,repparttar 132271 killing, raping, and torturing continues unabated. Natural disasters numbrepparttar 132272 senses and expose our powerlessness over nature.

The End of Western Dominion

Written by Ed Howes

The righteous of this world can only see a tidal wave of corruption coming to swallow them up, destroy their souls and deny them eternal rest in paradise. High stakes for which millions will sacrifice their lives and children in martyrdom that others will be sparedrepparttar coming corruption. The righteous will not be deceived thoughrepparttar 132243 corruption be called freedom, democracy or modernization. The corrupted however, are almost totally deceived - andrepparttar 132244 corrupters laugh allrepparttar 132245 way torepparttar 132246 bank.

The corrupt grow nervous with a new awareness thatrepparttar 132247 righteous are living among them peaceably because they have not yet been forced to choose sides. They have probably already decided which choice they will make. The corrupted intuitively know what siderepparttar 132248 righteous will take. The corrupted want to head offrepparttar 132249 problem andrepparttar 132250 righteous are now nervous with this awareness. All knowrepparttar 132251 minority righteous will become fifth columns forrepparttar 132252 righteous hordes whenrepparttar 132253 corrupt and righteous civilizations collide head on aroundrepparttar 132254 globe.

The corrupt have unlimited credit with which to wage war. The righteous have faith, wit, resolve and understanding, in case you have not yet noticed. On which would you stake your life? Or should I say, on which are you staking your life? The answer to that question isrepparttar 132255 beginning of personal defense.

Westerners will be forced to support one side orrepparttar 132256 other atrepparttar 132257 end of a gun, in due time, unless we have weighedrepparttar 132258 options in advance. The best option is avoidance. Move to a location whererepparttar 132259 clash is unlikely to reach in its more violent aspects. This might be foreign lands where neither side has any particular interest. It might be rural land in countries like Iraq whererepparttar 132260 conflict is focused in urban areas andrepparttar 132261 roads connecting them. Have we not heard many times that most of Iraq is calm, even if unemployed?

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