Pasadena California Antiquing

Written by David G. Hallstrom, Sr.

The city of Pasadena, California may be a relatively small city (population under 150,000), however, due to it's proximity to downtown Los Angeles,repparttar San Gabriel Valley andrepparttar 149914 San Fernando Valley as well as it's extremely popular "Old Town" shopping area and beingrepparttar 149915 home ofrepparttar 149916 Rose Bowl, it recieves a disproportionately large number of visitors every day.

Whilerepparttar 149917 citizens of Pasadena enjoy an income that is well above average, there are numerous other areas surroundingrepparttar 149918 city, such as Encino, Flintridge, Glendale, La Canada, La Crescenta, San Marino, Sierra Madre, etc., where many ofrepparttar 149919 residents also have disposable income high enough to be able to affordrepparttar 149920 purchase of fine antiques.

Due torepparttar 149921 foregoing many excellent antique dealers and shops have opened establishments inrepparttar 149922 city. Here you will find fine early american, spanish colonial, european, oriental and most any other type of antique furniture, accessories, jewelry, etc. you could wish for.

For a listing of Pasadena antique dealers that deal

How To Prepare For Your Trip When You Have No Time

Written by Joyce Jackson

Sometimes I run short on time before I head out on a trip. The demands of work, friends and family can eat up necessary planning time. As a travel veteran I know if I don’t plan and preparerepparttar chances of having a great trip are really reduced. If it’s a vacation I start to worry about ruining it with a bad start. I I’ll forget to pack something I need. This means I’ll have to buy itrepparttar 149913 road or go without. Leaving home unprepared adds stress and wastes my time and money. We’ve all been there and it’s not fun.

I discovered a number of years a go a little trick on how to prepare for any trip with very little time. I still use it off and on today. I called it “Snippets” travel prep. Basically, you prepare a little each day over about a week. You lay your stuff out in “Snippets” of time –a few seconds here and there each day – and byrepparttar 149914 time you leave you’re ready!

It goes like this:

• Pick a place inrepparttar 149915 house to use. It can be a closet shelf or floor, bedroom corner, under a table or dining room table. Just pick a convenient spot about 5' x 5'. Call it your “Spot.”

• Each day as you’re running aroundrepparttar 149916 house pick up something for packing and place it in your spot. It could be 5 pair of underwear you just pulled fromrepparttar 149917 dryer. Instead of putting them away in a drawer place it in your spot. This is a “Snippet.” of time you just spent preparing for your trip.

• The next day you could drop 3 t-shirts onrepparttar 149918 pile inrepparttar 149919 spot. Later that night as you change clothes from work take you sandals and put them onrepparttar 149920 spot. There’s two more snippets of time you just spent preparing to travel.

Overrepparttar 149921 course of a week you can get most of what you need onto your spot pile. It feels better mentally since you do not have to schedule large blocks of time to prepare.

If you scanrepparttar 149922 pile several times a day as you walk by it your mind will subconsciously note what you need to add. This means it will also take inventory of what is missing. It’s amazing what you will remember to add torepparttar 149923 spot. And, you can do it when you walk by next time.

Take inventory of your pile a day before you pack it. Add missing items and place it all into your bag.

The result?

In seconds or “Snippets” each day you will prepare adequately for your trip. For extended or long periods of travel or trips to areas of weather extremes you may need to “Snippet” over a two week period. But, this will still work if you get jammed for time.

The “Snippet” prep method even works if you arerepparttar 149924 “Preparation Police” for a family summer vacation. Everything isrepparttar 149925 same, just more of it with a few minor adjustments.

Do this:

• Pick a place inrepparttar 149926 house no one goes in but you. It can be a closet, closet shelf, office floor under your desk, bedroom corner, a table or behind a chair. It just needs to be anywhere no one walks.

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