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Written by Jenny McLane

Parts Train's Wheels feature high-quality casting and a smooth finish. They are specially engineered for strength and durability, whilerepparttar strong alloy reduces unsprung weight for even better handling. The wheels are also rust-resistant and easy to maintain. Your car wheels are oftenrepparttar 147587 dirtiest part of your car because they are constantly exposed torepparttar 147588 elements (corrosive brake dust, ocean or road salt, stones, cinders and sticky tar).

When polishing aluminum or chrome wheels, expensive wheel polishes are unnecessary. Do you know that that ordinary, white toothpaste works just as well? With justrepparttar 147589 right amount of fine abrasives needed to clean teeth, you are on your way to sparkling that expensive Volkswagen wheels and chrome parts. The wheels are some ofrepparttar 147590 most important parts of your vehicle, helping it reach its maximum performance. Yet, they are also some ofrepparttar 147591 most overlooked components of a car. By giving them extra care every month, enthusiasts can enhancerepparttar 147592 performance of their car rims and make their tires last longer.

Keep you Wheels properly inflated. Improper inflation results in early and irregular wear and decreases your car's gas mileage. Invest in your own air pressure gauge. It is money well spent. Tire dealers can show you how. Firestone recommends checking air pressure in your tires at least once a month and visual check regularly for possible leaks. Ensure proper wheel alignment. Your car's wheels must move in a straight line when you steer straight cutting down on irregular tread wear. Misalignment can result in tire damage as well as damage to your car's suspension system.

Affordable Spoilers and Performance Parts available at Partstrain

Written by Jenny McLane

Chevy cars likerepparttar Cavalier has a unique tuner-theme body kit, lowered suspension, wheel flares and a functional rear spoiler that gives it a distinct appearance. Bring outrepparttar 147586 true performance greatness of your Chevy by adding Parts Train's Chevy spoiler or a wing to your car is a great way to a sportier and cooler stance. Body accessory like a Chevy spoiler can make a huge difference onrepparttar 147587 car's over-all look. It can be universally made, customized or made for a specific type of vehicle.

Universal spoilers fit all car types but other models need a specific kind of spoiler to suit its distinct features and dimensions. Custom made wings can reflectrepparttar 147588 uniqueness and individuality ofrepparttar 147589 car andrepparttar 147590 user since he can decide as to what will berepparttar 147591 specific style, color and design he desires. Chevy Spoilers like all other car spoilers used to berepparttar 147592 property of race and sports cars, which is commonly mounted onrepparttar 147593 rear side ofrepparttar 147594 vehicle. Other makes and models have them front and back.

Make Parts Train's Chevy spoilers an important part of your Chevy body kit and accessories. As with all other car spoilers, Chevy spoilers are meant to increase "road grip." The vehicle's weight is actually a good way to increase its grip or hold onrepparttar 147595 road. Increase in weight forcesrepparttar 147596 tire ofrepparttar 147597 vehicle ontorepparttar 147598 road's surface but can have negative results onrepparttar 147599 handling and steering ofrepparttar 147600 car. Added weight means added inertia, which needs to be overcome for facility of movement.

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