Parts Train offers Top Quality BMW Replacement Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

BMW E36 performance is now legendary among car enthusiasts. As true enthusiasts, we do love our BMW's torepparttar max. Much as we love our cars, most of us don't haverepparttar 149084 time or energy to hunt down everything we need. That is what is great about getting BMW car parts at Partstrain online store. By browsing online for BMW spare parts place, you can getrepparttar 149085 auto parts you need atrepparttar 149086 highest quality level.

The BMW 3-Series has always definedrepparttar 149087 idea of true "sports sedan" andrepparttar 149088 E36 model tookrepparttar 149089 3-Series to heights of performance and style. Pre-owned E36s are favorite cars for tuners everywhere due to their excellent engine and handling capabilities.

Talking about BMW E36 parts like mufflers, headers, bumpers, fenders, lights, mirrors, hood, radiator, wheels, A/C condenser, fuel tank, catalytic converters, grille, hoods, spoiler and a whole lot more seem a lot easier when you come torepparttar 149090 right place online.

BMW is a luxury car, which means repairs tend to mean luxury car prices for auto parts. Just go torepparttar 149091 right place, and you don't have to go broke sinking more money than you already have into your BMW. Getting BMW parts online is a terrific way to go.

The E36 made use of BMW's in-line six-cylinder power plant, a masterpiece of technical sophistication. These engines are all normally aspirated, meaning that a turbo or supercharger can be installed for added power. A rock-solid chassis with a sophisticated four-wheel independent suspension isrepparttar 149092 foundation BMW E36 performance.

How to prevent your car from being stolen

Written by Sophie Evans

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How to prevent your car from being stolen

Car crime is falling and statistics show that car criminals are slowly being outwitted by vehicle owners andrepparttar police. Car crime fell by 9 percent between 2002/3 and 2003/4 according to police recorded crime statistics, proving that if owners continue to make small changes in their behaviour they will generate a dramatic decline inrepparttar 149010 number of car insurance claims being made for stolen cars.

Having your car broken into or stolen is a distressing business that leads to emotional upset and financial implications. If your car is stolen you will haverepparttar 149011 hassle of making a claim on your car insurance policy and you will be seriously inconvenienced until it is replaced. If you have had belongings taken from your car thenrepparttar 149012 chances are you will feel violated, having lost something valuable or irreplaceable. This is a natural response to having someone enter your property or take something thats yours.

Its fairly easy to break into a car, windows can be smashed and locks forced. Fortunately however measures can be taken to stoprepparttar 149013 thieves in their tracks. If every driver followsrepparttar 149014 thirteen point plan below then insurance premiums might fall andrepparttar 149015 honest motorist can keep their property to themselves. Keep your no claims bonus and even reduce your car insurance premiums by doingrepparttar 149016 following:

1.Never leave anything on display in your car. If you leave your bag, stereo, CDs, wallet or mobile phone lying around in your car, then it is going to become a target for thieves 2.Park your car under a street lamp or in well lit open space if possible. Thieves do not want to work under a spotlight and are more likely to go for a car that is parked in a shady spot 3.Better still put your car inrepparttar 149017 garage every night if you have one and lock it. It is unlikely that car criminals will try and break into your garage to get to your vehicle 4.It sounds obvious but always remember to lock your car. Often car thieves are given an easy ride by people who leave their cars open 5.Try to park your car in a secure attended car park if you are leaving it anywhere public 6.Have a car alarm fitted by a professional. This will deter a thief like nothing else 7.Invest in a steering lock and use it every time you leave your car 8.Have an immobiliser fitted which preventsrepparttar 149018 car from starting. This will make sure that even ifrepparttar 149019 thief gains access to your car he/she wont be able to drive it away 9.Have a tracker fitted so that your car can be traced if it is taken 10.Have your car registration or vehicle identification number etched ontorepparttar 149020 windows, both windscreens andrepparttar 149021 headlights. This would deter a thief planning to disguiserepparttar 149022 identity of your car by changing its appearance 11.Put security markings on your car equipment. It is recommended that you put your vehicle registration on items such as your stereo 12.Never leave vehicle documents in your car as they could help a thief to sell it on 13.Putrepparttar 149023 aerial down so as not to give vandals temptation

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