Partners as Mindreaders

Written by Maggie Vlazny, MSW


Well, I'm here to tell you that's not gonna happen. Though it's amazing how many people expect mindreading in a relationship. Particularly women. See, we women think we can read our partner's minds, and can't understand why its not reciprocated. The good news is, obviously, that no one can read anyone's mind. That's not communicating, that's very very very wishful, and often destructive, thinking. Actually, you might want to really reconsider this wish. Imagine if he or she could read everything in your mind?

Example of woman thinking she's mindreading: Husband is watching tv, gorgeous, sexy female appears in an ad. Wife mistakenly mindreads: "You're thinking about how much prettier she is than me, aren't you? You're thinking you'd really like to have sex with her, admit it! If you COULD have one time out on our commitment, you'd be with her, wouldn't you?" Now,repparttar poor guy is really wondering if tonight is a green light with his wife(he obviously has no shot withrepparttar 122009 actress on tv) but now he doesn't go for it because he might get in more trouble. She gets pissed at him for "lying" to her, and now he doesn't dare come on to her because he's pissed her off (no clue why) when really she wants him to mindread that she wants him to come on to her..... but has chosen a less than effective way of communicating this to him...

Comparing Prices of Loose Diamonds Online

Written by Tanya Blok

If you have startedrepparttar daunting task of shopping for diamonds online, you have probably discovered how difficult it is to figure out who hasrepparttar 122008 best price for similar stones. Going from site to site, running individual searches on each one, then trying to compare results in several different browser windows - sound familiar? Sounds like a pain!

There are consolidated shopping search engines out there and you may have used those when looking forrepparttar 122009 best price on some other products, but those search engines have a major weakness when it comes to diamonds. Shopping for a diamond requires additional details that generic shopping search engines are not able to display. If you can't at least seerepparttar 122010 cut, color and clarity of diamonds side by side, thenrepparttar 122011 search results are useless. You can't compare apples to oranges and expect to figure out which isrepparttar 122012 better deal.

Wouldn't it be convenient if there were a comparison search engine designed specifically for loose diamonds where you could search by shape, weight, cut, color, clarity and price? Then you would see a list of matching diamonds from several online vendors and you could quickly see who hasrepparttar 122013 best price for a 1.50 carat, H-VS2 round diamond with Ideal proportions. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Well, now there is such a search engine - and you may be shocked byrepparttar 122014 results. But first, I would like to share a dirty little secret ofrepparttar 122015 online diamond world with you. Did you know thatrepparttar 122016 diamond inventory you see at one online diamond vendor isrepparttar 122017 same as many other online vendors? How is this possible - these are competing companies, so how can they be sellingrepparttar 122018 same exact diamonds? Simple - they don't have any inventory!!!

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