Partner Up

Written by Ed Howes

Once upon a time, large multi - generational families accumulated property and capital so that all family members enjoyed both economic and social security. Though there is much political talk about family values, large families working forrepparttar common good are a thing ofrepparttar 132373 past and perhaps a thing ofrepparttar 132374 future. The problem is now. Now we have small, fractured families with no common purpose and little common interest. Individuals are becoming increasingly isolated in society. Is there some kind of social organization to provide us that which an extended family once did?

It seems to me that interest based partnerships, clubs and associations could be practical substitutes for extended families. What argues against such informal groups isrepparttar 132375 lack of free time to pursue regular meetings. The great irony is that group efforts could help free up time forrepparttar 132376 individual members.

We can use single mothers as an example. One struggling single mother posts an ad on a neighborhood bulletin board or electronic board or local printed periodicals. She announces a new association to assist single mothers in their struggle and gives contact information. In a few weeks a group is formed and they schedule a meeting to discuss individual needs and ways they could work together to fulfill them. One makes a list of needs and proposed solutions. Meeting adjourns. Every mother gets a copy ofrepparttar 132377 list to think about for a week or two and each has contact information forrepparttar 132378 others. Nowrepparttar 132379 mothers have met others in similar situations and have shared ideas with each other and possibly offers of help. Each mother can now contact one or more ofrepparttar 132380 others to discuss ideas for pooling resources, increasing incomes and free time. Atrepparttar 132381 same time,repparttar 132382 mothers can discussrepparttar 132383 best ways to provide stability forrepparttar 132384 children withoutrepparttar 132385 need for fathers. Good father figures can be found forrepparttar 132386 group in due time, with mutual security coming first, eliminating dependencies on unreliable helpers/ lovers.

Perhaps an early project for these mothers would be to find paid work that can be done at home a few hours per day. Perhaps they will decide how many could live together in a group home, reducing housing costs for all, leaving two adults inrepparttar 132387 home days to provide child care. Ifrepparttar 132388 mothers could find retired family members who would live in and assist them, so muchrepparttar 132389 better. The idea is to create an artificial family that servesrepparttar 132390 purposes ofrepparttar 132391 natural family.

Because these mothers may have been strangers to one another, unlike siblings, it would be good for them to get to know each other beyond superficial appearances. Personal astrological and numerological reports could be shared with one another, so individual differences are acknowledged and respected. Such reports could then be obtained for allrepparttar 132392 children. All mothers would then have a good idea of who each child is and their individual needs. If there are males involved withrepparttar 132393 group, their help could be valuable in making connections inrepparttar 132394 community and in direct support ofrepparttar 132395 group, including child care.

Even if an interest based group does not live together, regular communication among members will help individuals find and avail themselves of opportunities otherwise lost to those in greatest need of assistance. Group members could physically meet as seldom as once a month and still provide a lot of help to each other, added torepparttar 132396 regular informal communication between individuals.

Good and Evil

Written by Ed Howes

What a wonderful time to berepparttar President ofrepparttar 132371 United States! If you are President, you are king. You can spend a trillion dollars of other people's money and thousands of lives, to hunt down one personal enemy. You can do it inrepparttar 132372 name of freedom and democracy. Any who might get in your way will pat you onrepparttar 132373 back and say; "Go get em". You can do it inrepparttar 132374 name of God, which makes it good. King George looked upon all he had created and it was very good.

"Woe unto those who call good evil and evil good." Woe unto those who can no longer tellrepparttar 132375 difference. King George knowsrepparttar 132376 difference. Anything he does with a stated good intention is good, no matter whatrepparttar 132377 immediate and long term outcome. No matter what or who it costs. Are you low on self esteem? Borrow some fromrepparttar 132378 king. He has more thanrepparttar 132379 rest of us combined. He isrepparttar 132380 good tree and he produces only good fruit. Won't you take a bite? Go ahead. Eat - For these arerepparttar 132381 end of times and we will get fooled again.

A new world outpost is founded uponrepparttar 132382 idea of freedom and shared responsibility. True to historical roots, it soon goes whoring for money and power. It is successful in waysrepparttar 132383 world had never seen. It creates war for nearly every generation. It creates obscene debt and consolidatesrepparttar 132384 money and power. It makes kings and it destroys them. It teaches its children that all it does is very good. War is good, money is good, and spending for today is good. Consolidating economic power in ever fewer hands is good; that all servants will eventually have but one master.

Evil is any and all that interferes with this process. We deserve nothing butrepparttar 132385 first and very best of everything. Hell, we deserve all of every good thing. They deserve less than what they have and none of what we have. We build monuments to our great goodness. If evil befalls us in any way, it is unjust. We do nothing that deserves punishment. The evil that befalls us is created by jealous enemies who must destroyrepparttar 132386 goodness they despise and are unworthy of.

We believe such foolish drivel because we have been taught to do so and we prefer to do so. Truth has become a tool to perpetuate myths-false, fraudulent myths. With nothing but fraud and deceit to unite us, we divide. We doubt. Most importantly for kings and power mongers, we fear. If we do not go withrepparttar 132387 flow, if we do not get withrepparttar 132388 program, we will be locked in cages. "Oh no master, please don't lock me in a cage. I will do whatever you wish. I will call good evil and evil good. I will vote in rigged elections. I will pay yourepparttar 132389 first fruits of my labor, in tribute to your 'holy' power. I will support your every scheme and endeavor. I will never speak or act against you. I will ever be your faithful servant and sing your praises. I will be one with you. Please, please, don't lock me in a cage".

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