Part I - Different Types of Home Foundations and When to Use Each

Written by Mark Mathis

The foundation isrepparttar first piece of a home to be constructed and creates a base forrepparttar 147403 rest of a home's components. There are three types of foundations that are commonly used inrepparttar 147404 U.S.: slab, crawlspace, and basement.

Slab Foundation

Slab is a type of foundation consisting of a structural concrete slab poured directly onrepparttar 147405 grade. No accessible space exists in slab construction. Slab foundations are popular in areas (i.e.repparttar 147406 Southern United States) where there is a relatively high water table. (Water table refers torepparttar 147407 depth inrepparttar 147408 soil at which you find water).

Crawlspace Foundation

A crawlspace is an accessible space with limited headroom, typically betweenrepparttar 147409 soil andrepparttar 147410 bottom ofrepparttar 147411 first floor of a home. Crawlspace construction is predominant in areas where there is heavy clay content inrepparttar 147412 soil.

Basement Foundation

A basement is an accessible space betweenrepparttar 147413 soil andrepparttar 147414 bottom ofrepparttar 147415 first floor of a home. It usually has more headroom than a crawlspace. Basement foundation construction is predominant in cold climates whererepparttar 147416 foundation needs to be situated belowrepparttar 147417 frost level.

Part II - Different Types of Home Foundations and When to Use Each

Written by Mark Mathis

Choosingrepparttar Type of Foundation:

Homeowners and builders make decisions about which type of foundation to use by gauging cost, needs/desires, and soil and weather conditions. If you have high water tables then it may not be possible to have a basement. If your land has shallow bedrock or boulders then it may be more costly to dig a basement. If you have a sloping lot it may be difficult to use a slab foundation. If you have a cold climate then you may need to dig down at least four or more feet to putrepparttar 147402 home's footings below frost level. If you have to go at least four feet deep then it may be worth spending some extra money to dig a few feet deeper and have a full basement. Also, it is easier to install and maintain mechanical systems in basements (compared to a crawlspace). Your builder can help you determine what type of foundation is best suited for your area.

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